Wieners and Junk and Treasures! Oh my!

Wow, this first episode threw me through a loop. Hatsukoi Monsters first episode starts off with an ojousama names Nikaido Kaho regaling her pampered childhood. She then explains  and her reasoning for her eventual move to another town for her own independence as she starts high school. She is quickly rescued from naively running into traffic by a boy she instantly falls in love with, Kanade Takahashi. Now we all know how this goes, all Black Prince and such. But because they live in the same boarding house, he accepts her confession and they start dating. All is going smooth and right for this girls first day away from home.

 It turns out this smooth bishounen heartthrob is a 5th grader. 10 years old.

Wow. Plot Twist!!

His two friends are also tall, muscular bishounen heartthrobs as well, and also 10 years old.

The rest of the episode is pretty much Kaho-chan watching Kanade run around with his friends making jokes, like 10 year old boys. Never have I heard ‘Weiner’ in an anime so much. Adjusting their ‘treasure’, poop jokes, 1000 years of pain jutsu mid-assembly, the antics of these 5th grades defy their outward appearance. Who knew 10 year olds were so stylish as well.

Also, at the end a rival, or opposition character is introduced. He resembles Ciel Phantomhive so much. He actually looks like a proper 5th grader.

The animation was pretty solid. The characters were all anatomically correct and things. Occasionally Chibi characters were used quite often. They typical amount of ‘bishi-lense’ was used with the appearance of new attractive characters. They did overuse blindingly white backgrounds. Seriously, do not watch this alone in a dark room. You will go blind! There are also some location inconsistencies, where Kaho ran down the street, but is suddenly back in front of the boarding house.

The music was lighthearted, with piano music in the beginning and a more heavy guitar music when Kaho realized her blunder. During the boys antics a silly flute tune emphasized the absurdity. It matched the scene. Majority of the time though soft music was playing throughout the episode, aside from night scenes. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was not intrusive. The use of sound effects was pretty minimal. Not every footstep had a sound, there was no ‘doki doki’ sounds when Kaho was awestruck. Bells or chimes were used in those awestruck moments and often accompanied that blinding white screen I warned you about.

Overall, the most positive part of this episode was the characters. The absolute plot twist, the innocent girl turned pervert is so refreshing, and comedic to no end. Granted, the wiener jokes may become tiresome in later episodes but hearing a tall bishi in overalls with the deepest voice in the show say ‘all we did was hit our wieners(chin) on the jungle gym’ – those are the translators words- is hilarious. Call me immature., go ahead.

The negative I would have to say is the overuse in Chibi and white backgrounds. They are lighthearted elements, but there are other ways to convey the emotions they were going for, shock and fascination. A still image of a cherry blossom forest would have been preferable to the white background. The white backgrounds are blinding! I cant help it.

I can see the immaturity of the boys becoming tiresome and cause a lot of people to drop the series, but maybe there will be character growth. If not this makes for a good, enjoyable, comedic and lighthearted Slice of Life anime with a an original plot twist.

Rating: A