Ace Attorney an anime adaptation of a video game by the same name.  It aired in the Spring of 2016, but I am just getting to it now.

Before the opening scenes a crime has been committed. We the viewers know who committed the crime and watch as they plot to pin the crime on a bystander. Logically this has so many flaws; what if the accused has an alibi, their fingerprints might not be on the weapon, they might not have a motive. It takes a lot more than ‘I’ll blame him’ to adequately frame someone for a crime.

Not that I have personal experience with that *cough*

The lack of logic or low threshold for the ‘burden of proof’ does reflect the age level of the original source material. That as well as the possible differences between the Japanese justice system and the Canadian justice system could account for some irregularities. The anime and source material are portraying reality-similar scenarios and it is hard to stay 100% flush with reality when trying to be entertaining.

The anime does a good job of referencing its source material. The new characters are introduced through a videogame-like text box, the screen is cross cut with close-ups of characters faces when they think they have the upper hand, popups such as the ‘Objection!’ are in videogame style bubbles.

While I do not know if the case presented in the first episode is also the case in the game, that can’t excuse the incompetence of the characters, especially the judge. Right off the bat the Judge was okay with sentencing an innocent man to prison. The Judge was easily persuaded by whoever spoke last, and ignored critical information until it was spelled out piece by piece.

The episode reminded me of Wizard Barristers, but for a younger age.

The animation style, while remaining loyal to the source material, was not good. Characters didn’t melt, but there were times when the voice did not sync up with the mouth movements, either continuing after or starting before the animation. During frantic movements, characters just flipped between a couple frames to create movement. But it was just the same movement over and over. The background for a majority of the episode was the courtroom which was well executed. It was motionless, but it had a realistic look compared to the videogame style characters in front.

The Music inside the courtroom resembled a videogame soundtrack, with sharp music during cross examinations and fast music to separate the ‘stages’ of the court proceedings. The music outside of the courtroom wound down to more of a cop show type soundtrack; low and melodious.

The end of the first episode ended off with a second murder, leading into the second episode.

Overall, the music was the best part of the episode aesthetically. While some of the voice acting was not synced, that is an animation flaw. The music was very reminiscent to a videogame, and it matched the current scene.

The Judge for me was the absolute worst! Lawyers and Law practitioners are held to a high standard and this guy was NOT anything close. I hope the judge changes, although with this being based off of a videogame it probably wont change. The animation repetition was disappointing. The characters reactions were so over the top as well, toupees being flown off and such. The over exaggeration didn’t really fit the scene or genre.

I do hope the series gets better, it was a highly anticipated series last season, I hope it pays good homage to the source material.

Rating: B-