B-Project is an Idol anime, similar to Shounen Hollywood. The show opens with a practice group performance and smoothly transitions forwards. The main character Sumisori Tsubasa is introduced as the new A&R, the emotional support/manager for the idols. The group of 10 boys then proceeds to give all of their names, displaying their own personality. The group then divides into 3 smaller idol groups, Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs. Tsubasa is assigned to record with one of the groups, Kitakore.

Tsubasa seems to have no musical experience, having been hired the day before by the President of Gandara Music Corp from a CD store. She relies on the idols to explain terms like ‘from the top’ and ‘witching hour’. Despite having no knowledge or experience, she is able to correct an issue that had both idols and music producers stumped.  The vibe is very much one of Brothers Conflict, with one naive girl in the middle of a throng of attractive boys. Lets hope this protagonist is not as useless as Chi or the ‘Eve’ of Diabolik Lovers.

Content wise the characters personality’s seen so far are fun to watch. There is a mix of moody, happy-go-luck, sexy, and level headed characters to create entertaining situations. Throw in the stress of fame, maybe they wont be such good boys later on.

One of the important parts of an idol anime is the movements of the characters. The movements in the opening sequence were pretty stiff. The characters weren’t 100% synchronized, which is a realistic part of group dances; not everyone will be in sync. It is a positive ‘blunder’. A big mistake on the other hand is the lack of facial expressions. All of the characters had stony faces while performing, save for their mouths. The eyes didn’t move, nor did they sparkle or offer any depth. When there is less characters on screen the facials relax a bit, or the character in focus is very expressive.

Sometimes, the audio did not sync to the lip movement. While singing, there was not an isolated voice, but one music track with all of the voices. I would like there to be more solo vocal variation in the group numbers, but it IS still the first episode.

With such a large group any horizontal pans will have to be on the fast side to include everyone, and in turn that blurs the image a little. Even streaming in 1080p, the characters dragged across the screen because they were lined up shoulder to shoulder.

Along with every introduction came the ‘bishi-bell’, the light twinkle accompanied by the magic breeze and glitter lense. Each of them was attractive and gave off different looks. One was a shorter tsundere, another a pink haired smiler. In the back was the angry hipster, and the calming one with the long braided green hair.

The music is definitely one aspect that needs to be perfect, as it is an idol anime. Balancing the pop music of the performances with the music in the rest of the episodes is going to affect the overall feel of the episode. The first song was very high energy, while the second song, recorded by the first idol group, was more on the softer pop side. Throughout conversations there was a soft song, barely audible but keeping back the silence. It would have been more immersive if there had been sounds of the environment,(they were still in the practice stage at this point) so camera sounds, wheeling the tripods, small sounds like that. But opting for elevator music.. That’s okay too I guess. I mean your focussed on the attractive idols in front of you so it may not be a big deal.

Aaaaand to be expected, the glitter lense was used all of the time. Glitter was used during the performance, in accompany with colorful galactic backgrounds, glitter was used to show the music flowing into the protagonist, glitter was used to show the connection the two idols made during the song recording. Its not a bad thing… at this point. But that’s a lot of glitter.

So balancing the high powered music with the low music is a positive, the variety of characters is a positive, and the mismatched movements during the dances is a positive. All of these can turn into negatives later on though.

The current negatives are the lack of facial movements. The dancers need to have some kind of expression to convey to their fans! The characters themselves don’t say how long they have been idols, but they seem to have a grasp of themselves, so the stony faces are not a character trait. Besides, a couple characters are almost too expressive when they are in focus, so a stony face would be impossible for them.

Rating: B