Geez I love it when second seasons continue right from the end of the first season. Just jump right in, we binged the first season yesterday. We are caught up!

If you aren’t caught up on The Legend of Arslan, here’s the gist. Arslan is the Prince of Pars. Lusitania invaded Pars and took over the throne. Arslan hid with his trusted knight. Now they are trying to return to the capital and retake the throne. Hilmes(or Hermes) has claimed to be the rightful King, with King Andragoras rumored to have killed his older brother (Hilmes father) and attempted to murder him. That and there is a rumor Arslan is not Andragoras’s bio son.

Along the way Arslan gains followers and friends to support and aid him in getting back to the throne. At this point they all think Andragoras is dead, not captured.

Open scene, battlefield. CGI horses and cavalry out the wazoo. Peshawar is under attack! Season 1 ended with Arslan leaving the Lusitanian injured to aid Peshawar.

The dramatic entrance was beautiful. Daryuns arrow cut through the enemy line, and he shouted Arsan’s entrance, the sun shining behind him, Azrael on his arm.

We do see Gieve for the first time after his staged exile. We find out his secret mission. I missed him. He’s as smooth as ever. His mission is to retrieve a sword from a grave but locating the grave, and figuring out if the sword existed or was just legend was a big enough challenge. He arrives the same time Hilmes does, an the two battle over it.

And the biggest shock ever, Andragoras is back on the throne! He ripped his wall chains apart and left Lisutanian soldiers strewn across the floor before calling Queen Tahamine back to his arms.

So there is a lot more CGI in this episode than in the entire 25 episode 1st season. But that’s okay, it was done well, and it was for large battle scenes. I feel like I demean CGI. I don’t mean to. It just looks different so its very noticeable. I don’t point it out in a bad way. Thousands of horses cannot be drawn, I do understand that. When the battles were closer, the scenes were drawn. For example, CGI soldiers carried a battering ram up to the drawbridge, when the screen was close-up on just those soldiers, they were no longer CGI. CGI just looks weird up close, its too.. Smooth and 3D.

There were lots of flybys, and hoof-level camera swoops, so the battle looked kinda Hollywood. Was the director watching Game of Thrones?

My favorite little item has to be that when a character moves, there are little variables. When characters are on a (I’m only assuming) separate layer in the production program, and the creator can freely move the character without it changing, it looks weird. So seeing Hilmes walk down the stairs and noticing the small inconsistencies made me smile. Its just a preference.

The hair physics are strong, especially with Arsan’s long hair. Im assuming Narsus uses a lot of hairspray, being the artist he is. The last thing he needs is his hair flapping around.

The music is very related to their location. Arslan Senki is based off of a Persian legend. The real legend POSSIBLY gives away who Arsan’s real father is, because the story is centered around a woman from Istanbul, who would later be adapted into Queen Tahamine. So do not look up the Persian legend if you don’t like POSSIBLE spoilers.

So the music has notes of Arabian/eastern instruments, while once Gieve hits the screen its all medieval lute music. Gieve is a travelling musician after all.

There are cricket sounds at night, voices echo when they are in large rooms and the sounds of swords clashing is music to my ears.

Welcome back to the screen Arslan! Go to your Mom!

Rating: A