Bungou Stray Dogs is an anime similar plot and genre to Kekkai Sensen. There are people with magical abilities, and those who police them. The policing force is known as the Armed Detection Agency. The character we meet in the beginning is Atsushi, and he has been exiled from his orphanage because he is being hunter by a.. Tiger?

He accidentally runs into a couple members of the Armed Detection Agency who are tracking this tiger and use him as bait.

It doesn’t feel as if a lot happened in this episode.

The animation style reminds me of Crona and Soul Eater. The eye/irises are more diamond than circular and hair/jaw/body lines in general are more sharp.

The sharpness is exaggerated by thickening the lines in embarrassing or tension-breaking moments while the details in faces and characters are minimized to create that blank look.

The environment and surroundings themselves are detailed and standard. They don’t stand out in either positive or negative way.

The use of lighting is done excellently. Throughout the first episode we see sunset light shining through a moving train, and moonlight coloring the area blue.

The camera distortion is used when Atsushi is afraid. His pupils shrink, his eyes widen and his head seems to swell, the distortion alliterating the fear of the tiger hunting him.

Atsushi is constantly in emotional turmoil as it is. He is homeless after being exiled from his home. When he experiences a flashback the camera angle is always low, with the Heads of the orphanage standing higher than a kneeling Atsushi, and their heads are shrouded in darkness. They are intimidating as a blue hue, most likely representing depression and sadness, filters over the scene.

As for music, there was a lot of silence during conversations. Actual music was not used a lot, opting for more of a melodic tone on the piano during intense scenes.

The comedy in the episode is more situational and reactive. You are more likely to snort or gawk at the ‘jokes’ than laugh.

I did enjoy the comedy and the exposure of fear. Atsushi would quiver, his eyes were focussed on, his frailty and meekness and vulnerability were used to create a fear for this character and his bleak fate of death by tiger. He really is a pitiful character. I am surprised he didn’t cry during the episode.

What I didn’t like was the slow pace. It felt like a lot more could have happened, and that what did happen happened soo slowly. Granted we did get a lot of background information on Atsushi, but multiple characters were introduced in the final moments that I’ll need to go and rewatch again to remember them. The end would have been more effective if it had cut out at just revealing their ‘super group pose’ versus a full introduction at the end of the episode.

Rating: A-