Series that show a ‘behind the scenes’ look at an industry are always interesting. Bakuman, Shirobako, Honya-san even Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, all focussed on the creators of the foreign media we are taking in. New Game is about the videogame creation industry.


We start with Suzukaze Aoba, she is on her way into the new workplace, practicing her introduction. She is mistaken for a child she apologizes frantically. This is her first day of work, she displays nervous or embarrassed behaviour a lot.


She is introduced to her coworkers and superiors. Each character is unique, but not very original. On the character team, there is the tomboy, the shy one, and the Lolita. Their direct supervisor, Yagami Ko is not only super talented but sleeps in the office with only a t-shirt and panties. She also was part of the team that created Faeries Story, the game that inspired Aoba to become an animator.


Aoba is impressed easily, so those ‘magi-girl-transformation backgrounds is used a lot, with the pink sparkly background, the camera panning around the characters and all.


Nothing horrible happens to Aoba in the first episode. The biggest upset is being locked out of the office after a toilet break because she did not have her employee ID.


The animation over the episode was pretty standard. There was nice hair movement of Aobas twintails, and on Hajime, the movement-animation member of the team,  boob physics kick up I guess to emphasize that she is the movement character. There was no superpowers in the episode so everything was anatomically correct and in its place. The animation resembled Denki Gai Honya-san the most, with its oversized eyes and color scheme. Nature and outside environment background were detailed and soft, but they were only used a few times at the beginning.


Facial expressions like annoyance and disdain did not come across very well, meaning they did not make me cringe. I  as the viewer didn’t feel like they were sharp.


The music was non-intrusive. It was lighthearted but at a low volume even when their were no voices on screen.


Overall, Aobas first day was on the up and up. Nothing so far has seemed like an obstacle, it feels very much like an ordinary Slice of Life anime. Nothing was done wrong, but nothing was done exceedingly right or drew out an attachment towards the character. Her blundering and awkwardness may gain her sympathy for a short while though.


Rating: B