Nijiiro Days is a half-length episode about a boy who falls in love with a girl, but she doesn’t notice him. She also appears to be involved with a teacher. Natsuki, the love struck boy, embarrasses himself a number of ways trying to impress her, and gets caught creeping her a bit.

The episodes animation was quite good. There are 4 main characters, but they were framed well so that the screen pans to the speaking characters because they are not standing shoulder to shoulder. This breaks up the spaces between the characters and gives them room to speak. The outlines on the characters are close to the color of the object being outlined, such as their hair. Natsukis blond hair is outlined in a yellow-brownish color. The movements are smooth and accompanied by motion sound effects. Their hair doesn’t move when they move, and even the girls hair moved minimally.

During monologues or when a character, mostly Natsuki, spaces out, the background blurs more but sharpened when the focussed is grabbed.

The music in the episode is lighthearted throughout. There are not really any intense scenes that would require heavy music. ‘doki doki’ sound effects are not used, but little sparkle effects are used in place of the standard effect.

The lip movement was synced to the voice acting, as well as small vocal noises such as gasps.

There were a couple times when characters would be talking in the background, but the volume had not been adjusted so it was hard to hear the voices. With both conversations ongoing, the subtitles were pretty erratic, so those conversations were hard to follow.

At a separate scene during a karaoke scene, the volume was turned down and the second voice was not subtitled.

The episodes are short, but the series is 24 episodes. Maybe it will be an acquiring anime, where each character is allotted a certain number of episodes to meet their goal, be it a girlfriend or acing a test.

It’s a nice slice of life anime.

Rating: B