Ozmafia is an adorable adaptation of the otome game, Ozmafia.  The opening to the show resembles an otome game very much, with the title logo flying through clouds that revealed the school and a text box popping up with a welcome message.

The story seems to be our main character, Scarlet, is new to Oz Academy. He becomes lost on the school grounds and is confronted by the security officer, Ceaser. Scarlet is chased to the main entrance of the school where he seeks the protection of three people who turn out to be is teachers. We are not introduced to any other students.

The art style reminded me of Diabolik Lovers, with the pastel colors and the way the hair was shaded two shades. The characters themselves are a little Chibi, like half Chibi. Its unnerving to hear such deep voices coming from a character who looks like a 5 year old in very good cosplay.

A majority of the short series are made using more motionless characters. Teekyu for example, the major motions are shown but the in between motions are not. There are plenty of short series that do not follow that, and Ozmafia is one of them. The micro movements were very well done. Nervous ticks like shaking hands, fast blinking and the averting of his eyes was animated very smoothly.

The backgrounds were detailed, but repeated a lot; the characters were in the same location  so there was no reason for them to change. There was an awkward bout of frame flipping while Scarlet  was running. It looked bad, because there was a dropped backpack every other second while running.

Towards the end a couple characters faced the camera and spoke to the audience, breaking the 4th wall like characters do during those ‘next on..’ or the ONA shorts to explain the setting of the anime. Scarlet just gave his monologue about transferring to this new school. I didn’t mind it.

Overall the episode seemed cute but not very informative. We don’t know any other students, or who the lead character in the otome game was. Was it a yaoi otome game? Will Scarlet seduce his teachers? Is Scarlet a boy? There are a lot of questions unanswered in the first episode, granted its short. It may be more up to the viewer to look up details or to play the game to understand everything fully.

Rating: A-