Big Order is a Spring anime about acquired powers, created by Sakae Esuno, creator of Mirai Nikki!

It is similar to Ajin in the way that ‘Orders’ are treated. Orders are people who have been granted a wish, that becomes their super power. Dream come true huh? There is a stigma against Orders, because one caused the Great Destruction. News stories about Orders being arrested and persecuted are shown.

Our ‘hero’ Eiji is an Order, and when he was 10, his wish caused the “Great Destruction”, causing calamity’s across the world and killing thousands of people. No one knows it was his wish that cause the disaster, except him. He was only 10 though, it is Daisy who bestows these powers to people she has chosen. We do not know why or how she chooses the people she does, as Daisy appears to be a god-like entity or fairy? We don’t know. She is blindingly bright though, a pink-white light covering her as she floats upside down.

Eiji is under the impression his wish was to destroy the world, but Daisy corrects him. She does not tell him what his wish was, but instead seals it so he only has access to 1 ten-thousandth of its power. She likes to see people use their powers and was upset Eiji didn’t use his. Eiji thinks his power is to destroy the world because at the time he made the wish, he was fascinated with a tv character Evil Ranger, whose goal was to take over the world.

He is backed into a corner when his younger, hospitalized sister is taken captive by a group who knows he is the cause of the Great Destruction. In an attempt to rescue his sister, he realizes what his power is, and uses it confidently.

Eiji as a character goes through a range of emotions day 1. He appears to be an outcast in his classroom, with a group chat about how weird he is circulating the classroom. Little do they know, he is part of the group chat and sees all of the messages. As an Order he is shy and cautious in public, pulling up his hood when he passes people complaining Orders. These characters are drawn to look really ugly, reflecting their ‘inner beauty’ I think.

The only character interaction Eiji really has with a regular human is his sister Sena in the Hospital. It is eluded to, but not confirmed that she was injured in the Great Destruction, but she would have been really young 10 years ago.  She is seen only in beds or wheelchairs, so she may be paralyzed below the waist. Eiji cares very much for his sister, visiting her the hospital and when Sena asked ‘if you were an Order, what would your wish be?” he answered with a more mature wish than 6 year old Eiji did. “Id wish for you to get better faster” In the end it is his sister who inspires him to use his powers, leading into the second episode with new confidence. I can see Sena as the character type who would flip personalities and come to hate Eiji if she finds out he is an Order and that he caused the deaths of so many, and possibly her paralysation.

CGI effects are only used towards the end, with the emergence of supernatural powers.

The color scheme for the episode is on the darker side, mainly because Eiji is a hermit. He skulks through the shadows and stays in his room. The brightest scenes were those in the school classroom and in Sensas hospital room.

The backgrounds are dark as well, grey and reddish. Shadows are used to darken the scene and create a dramatic reveal of characters with a malicious intent. Most of the backgrounds are blurred a bit, but shrines or background pieces in front of characters, such as balcony railings, are detailed.

‘reruns’ of Evil Ranger were always drawn simplistically, which makes sense for a kids show that aired a while ago.

Appropriate echo is used in scenes requiring it, either by being in a large empty space or by the drama and confidence in Eijis voice. Flute music follows Daisy from time to time, emphasizing she may be a fairy. Music that would have been used in a kids-superhero tv show plays at the end, when Eiji accepts his power, and its inspiration, Evil Ranger.

We do hear Eijis voice the most in this episode; he is a melancholy loner character who revels in monologues. His voice changes depending on if he is scared, angry or depressed. Daisy’s voice is much deeper than one would assume for a fair-like creature. Lighter voices are often associated with dumb or airheaded characters, so hopefully the deeper voice is a sign of a bigger role on her part. Although we have not seen much of her, after Eiji begins using her powers her role may lessen.

The part I liked the most was the ending, where Eiji is confident, and slightly deranged with his power. It is a contrast from the meek, scared character from beforehand. Also keeping the light and dark areas at a deep contrast created moods for those places individually. The hospital room was a place of happiness, the classroom was a semi-safe room. His apartment is dark, scenes where Eiji is outside are dark, it gives off a very alone, outcaste vibe. The superhero music at the end was a nice touch too.

The negatives are the clichés. Of course we saw the Yuno-look alike character going batshit crazy, of course the protagonist isn’t evil. There are a lot of clichés and so far it has followed a predictable pattern. Of course his little sister would inspire him to suck it up and use his power.

Rating: B+