This is a very original scenario for me. Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu is about a high school student, Sakaguchi Ryo, who is male and into BL manga. BL is Boys Love, yaoi, mxm, homosexual, whatever you want to call it. A female fan of BL is often called a Fujoshi, and a male who is called a Fudanshi. Both of these terms are translated into ‘rotten boy/girl.’

The yaoi/shounen ai genre is becoming increasingly popular, with Super Lovers last season, Junjou Romantica, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ect. The genre has garnered some negative attention recently because it targets the female audience with more feminine looking boys in them instead of towards males. But that just opens up more opportunities for the genre to expand and cover both sides. As a girl I read Yuri(Girls Love) from time to time; and what series doesn’t have that one closet lesbian groping everyone?

So this short-episode anime is about Ryo and his love for the BL genre. It starts off with him trying to buy a BL manga, and getting weird looks from patrons and cashiers, to griping to his friend, Nakamura who thought that him liking BL meant he was gay.

They talk about SNS, a generic term for Social Networking Service. Ryo is on that website and posting ideas for BL stories in hopes to gain more Fudanshi friends. The story proposals he is offering turn out to be real life experiences of his friend. Because he has longer hair, Nakamura has gotten groped on the train a lot. He doesn’t appreciate Ryo putting those stories online, and forbids him from using him as fodder for his weird hobby. I don’t think that will stop him though.

The animation style definitely gets close to resembling well known shounen ai series, such as Love Stage. In a lot of scenes it may just be the characters mouth moving. A lot of background characters didn’t have faces either.

I do think the subject matter will be interesting. Ryo knows people think he is weird for likening BL, but he has his own reasons and he talks about it confidently.

The backgrounds in this 3 minute episode fluctuated from a polka-dot background to an overexposed window. The characters were clean, the outlines were sharp. Ryo has a mole under his eye, which probably didn’t help the whole ‘not gay’ aspect. But he looks happy.

Either way, its cute, its short, its one of those ‘daily lives’ series, so I’m not expecting a lot of ups and downs emotionally. The end sequence seems to show possible Fudanshi friend Ryo will meet, but nothings for sure.

Rating: B+