The second and third episodes of Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan are visually similar to the first, as it should be. The music was a bit more prominant now that the events weren’t just memories. We got to see Saiki use his abilities, and they were often used for semi-selfish reasons. He used his abilities to help people, because their lack of ability was annoying him.

He also has a very low opinion of his father, but uses his abilities to defend him from his mother; only because they were interrupting his dessert time with their fighting.

His parents in the first episode are depicted as loving parents, but in episode 2 they are the completely different. The mother is very sweet towards Saiki, while the father is angry at any and everyone.

The characters talk over each other SO much. Saiki is always speaking in his mind, but when outside characters start talking, the subtitles become a big giant mess and it is hard to read or even follow what has happened.

It is starting to remind me of Tanaka-kun ss Listless, except instead of loafing around, Saiki solves others problems because they are a problem for him.

Rating: B

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