What even is Amanchu? What is this show? It moves at suuuch a slow pace, so not much happened in the episode. One character went swimming, and then high school began and they did their introductions. That is all that happened.

The scenery is beautiful, the water is nicely executed. The view from the bottom of the water to the top is clear. I don’t know what area this takes place in so I don’t know if the water would realistically be that clear, but it seems to be in fairly shallow water.

Kohinata Hikari is the granddaughter of a woman who owns a diving school so naturally she is a fan of scuba diving. I think she teaches diving lessons, she exited the water with what seemed to be a group f first timers, although we only saw her laying on the ocean floor staring up at the sky. She is a very optimistic girl, bubbly and happy and always smiling.

Ooki Futaba is a 180 degree difference. She spends 3/4 of the episode reminiscing after her middle school friends who have not contacted her all summer. She is constantly flipping through her phones photo gallery, and checking for text messages. Majority of her speaking is done with an internal monologue. She is moping a lot, or acting embarrassed. She eludes to possibly being an unwanted member of her friend circle.

The animation on this episode… wow. The way the wind carried Ookis hair, im jealous. If any wind gets near me my hair looks like a birds nest. Ookis hair gently rode the wind, and I think Hikari is attracted to her, or her hair. She always became starry eyed when it gets caught by the wind. Hints of Yuri? Or some bullshit like they pulled with Love Stage, the confession of love on the LAST episode? Not sure.

Now the elephant in the room. Hikaris face. Boy this girl has the oddest face ever. She has Kaedes(From Ansatsu) hair, and Sgt Frogs face. Majority of the episode she has this frog-face, undetailed, wide saucer shaped eyes and crescent mouth. I guess it does reflect her personality a bit. She’s random and peppy and doesn’t notice others opinions. When she is emotional or flattered or sometimes without a reason her face becomes more detailed and more similar to the other characters faces.

Ookis face loses detail every now and then when she is embarrassed or confused by Hikari. Her eyes become kinda black hole-ish. But not solid black. Like someone repeatedly drew circles.

Other than the detail-absent faces, the outlines are so thin you barely see them. They are mostly grey to begin with. I believe this is done because as a setting by the ocean, it carries a very soft feel. The music aided in creating that atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. A sharp black outline would have stood out more.

Sound effect wise, the timing of vocal sounds to the actions of struggling to climb a rock were pretty well timed. When Ooki and Hikaris grandmother were far away but talking to eachother, they both sounded like they were whispering, yet able to hear one another. The voices didn’t sound like they were far apart, when setting wise, the characters were at least 10 feet apart.

I liked the episode. The wind and water effects really impressed me. The plot reminds me of one where Hikari would help Ooki come out of her shell and the two would develop feelings IF THIS WAS YURI, im not entirely sure. So far its Yuri Kuma Arashi mixed with Nagi no Asukara.

Rating: A