Masou Gakuen HxH seems to emulate every stereotype that non-anime fans associate with the art. Oversized jiggly boobs, Mecha scantily clad young girls, and something perverted.


I originally wrote it off, as the opening scene appeared to be full blown hentai, basically without a plot. This episode actually surprised me.


While there is ecchi, there is a reason for it. It’s not just stripping and boob fondling for the sake of it. Think Daimidaler, mixed with Freezing. The characters have these suits implanted into their body, but they are charged by erotic feelings.


I am just guessing that the ecchi has a place in the long run of the plot. The first episode was basically introductions, and the enemy’s attacking what was supposed to be a safe zone.


The male in this harem is Hida Kizuna, the younger brother of the commander of the Academy. He was called to Ataraxia by his sister years after she abandoned him for being useless and untalented with his Heart Hybrid Heart gear. On the island of Ataraxia, an island home to the Strategic Defence Academy, Kizuna meets a girl whom he remembers from the lab but she does not recognize him.


After the enemy attacks, and one of the three girls fighting is injured, her Heart Hybrid Gear drained, he is walked through by his sister on how to ‘molest’ these girls. She doesn’t offer him any explanation as to what it would do, only that if he wanted to live he should fondle her. He did give protest, but in the end he did obey, thinking of it rather as thoroughly checking her body for wounds, as opposed to feeling her up.


The characters in HxH look more Asian than characters in other series. I say this because of- hate me now- their eyes. As opposed to wide, oversized ‘western’ eyes, the characters eyes were slightly thinner and slanted upwards. In the wake of the Ex Machina casting decision, perhaps a more Asian look is the way for the future art styles to go. How many people know Edge of Tomorrow is an adaption of All You Need is Kill? Not many. A lot of animes are criticized over their ‘not Asian’ eyes, as if that gives Hollywood the right to whitewash.. Either way, too political for an ecchi anime! I just like that it looks more eastern. I wouldn’t be opposed to more series leaning towards that but it is all the productions/creators decision.


NIPPLE. There was nipple in the show. Areola too. Clothes tearing, sexual moaning, and gigantic jiggling boobs. Nothing political about big jiggly boobs.


There are definitely staples in an ecchi anime, the soft looking outlineless lips are one. The others are well.. Boobs and the touching of boobs. They usually give off a slightly rape-y vibe, but Kizuna seemed remorseful and at least questioned why he was groping the girl. He himself is implanted with the Heart Hybrid Gear, so he had to be semi-naked for a time too. His interest wasn’t as much in the girls body, but in her well being. He was embarrassed because she was unconscious, not because he was touching a booby. The first mature male in an ecchi.


As for the technical side of the anime, there were nicely drawn, motionless backgrounds including forests of trees and decrepit buildings. The heart gear on characters bodies was heavily detailed. During the ‘equip’ transition the outline was so soft and fine it looked as if there wasn’t one, but when the Heart Gear appeared with its heavy outline it looked like a bad Photoshop job.


The battles were pretty standard, with gun sounds and the females crying out in pain at the slightest touch. The music did sound like a mix of kids show and porno music. It was kinda cheesy but it didn’t take away from the scenes.


I do hope Kizuna keeps his rationalization and questions the ecchi going on around him instead of blindly following his ‘role’. The world doesn’t really need another boobs for nothing series. I like that this one has a plot to explain it. Boobs are now a plot device.


Rating: B+