Ange Vierge is as if Queens Blade and Strike Witches merged.

So the backstory is that there are 5 worlds, including Earth and they are all going to collide and explode. In order to stop this, 5 girls and their Progress form a team, there are multiple teams, and they must fight the Ouroboros on Earth.

Confused? Me too. The episode introduced too many characters all at once, there is 6+ people in the first minute alone, and it only grows from there. While the 5 worlds are explained briefly, It is up to the viewer to figure out where each character came from or how they came to earth. I don’t understand who the Ouroboros is, what they have to do with the worlds colliding and why they are only on Earth. This information is not given.

What is given is plenty of air time for light-chan and steam-chan. The two censor types got quite the workout as half of the episode was spent with the characters either walking around nude or bathing.

In the end it delves into specific characters insecurities about being weak and thy start a training battle with a higher ranked team. The characters are going to push that plot device a lot aren’t they? ‘im weak I wanna get stronger’ whining. The feel from Saya, the main character who is the most desperate for leveling up, is like an angry desperation instead of the usual ‘I have a goal’ mentality. She screams at her Progress for not taking better command. She may have a good reason for this attitude because of her backstory, but we know nothing about her backstory, like at all.

The music was low and basic. It wasn’t happy or intense until the end. The end music ramped up so much, it was a series climax type of intense, but for a simple training battle.

The animation was okay, if you ignore half of the screen being beams of light. Hair movements were the same frames re-cycled as long as they were needed. Despite the abundance of exposed boobs, there was little to no actual boob physics. Water and sunlight effects were fine, fiery explosions were drawn and not CGI effects.

There just isn’t enough information to grasp what the goal is, are they even able to stop the worlds colliding?

Rating: C