Fukigen was an interesting anime. It had to do with Yokai and exorcists but in a school setting. Like Re-Kan, but with a tsundere bishounen instead of an beautiful girl. It starts off with Ashiya Hanae collapsing upon reaching the school gates. This happens repeatedly and he end up spending the first week of high school in the nurses office.


We get an explanation as to his condition, he is possessed by a Yokai. It is a small white fluffy Yokai glued to his back and sapping all of his energy. He takes us back to how the creature came to be on his back. He assumed it was a stuffed toy but was mistaken. It clung to his back and had not let  go since. It didn’t help that he was the only one who could see it.


Upon leaving the nurses office for the 4th time, he accidentally tears a poster and reveals a hidden poster advertising exorcists. He jumps at the chance and calls the number. He is transported into a tea room with seemingly magical doors.


Abeno is sitting in the room, and claims to be the Mononokean Master. He agrees to exorcize the Yokai.


What is different about this anime is the attitude Abeno has towards the Yokai. He is not exorcising them for the benefit of the human. He appeared that he couldn’t care less about the human. He is preoccupied with the Yokai and fulfilling their wish so that they may return to the underworld. This is an odd personality change as it is often the other way around; it is the human who is in danger and who is the target for concern.


The Yokai attached to Ashiya is explained to have once been a pet, and that their spirits linger afterwards, wanting to be played with . So the two men proceed to play ball with a fluffy pillow Yokai.


A number of animation styles were going on in this episode. The hair movement and gradient was done nicely, as well as the characters features. Micro movements in Abenos face showed that sickly sweet smile he was holding (painfully). The actual Yokai was CGI, and the door to the underworld was done with traditional Japanese art style. I doubt the door design will change between episodes, but I am curious to see if more Yokai-related items are drawn in traditional Japanese style.


The character design is pretty simple as well. The characters faces are not particularly detailed, save for the ever growing black bags under Ashiya eyes.


Ashiyas mom… I don’t know what is wrong with her. She is a flower Otaku or something. She is so airheaded it is impossible to believe. Her son has collapsed for 6 hours every day and all you do is wave a red flower in encouragement? I do not like her.


The nature-based backgrounds were less detailed than a number of animes before it, but the style was almost watercolour. Some color bled over the outline, but it seemed to be intentional. The school based backgrounds were bare walls with colored shading.


If this anime is going to follow the plot of Kyokai no Rinne or Re-Kan at all, it will probably have smaller goals that will each contribute to solving the protagonists problem towards the end. I think watching Abeno and Ashiya interact will bring about some comedic scenarios. There were a couple this episode but they were poorly executed. The script was there, but the music did not change. It just continued as normal throughout the tension snapping idiot-remarks.


Rating: B