Regalia took me by surprise with how serious it is. I was expecting something along the lines of Momo Kyun Sword and all that. My first impression is that it is similar to Code Geass or Aquarion.

Rena and Yui are sisters. Rena the older sister is the short one, while Yui is the younger, but older looking sister. They are very cute together, and their behaviors aren’t specific to older/younger sister roles. We find out that Rena is not a human, nor are they blood related. Rena is a ‘core’ a person designated a long time ago to operate a Regalia. Something happens and she is being called away from her sister.

When Yui rushes to Renas side to stop her, she becomes the Pilot to the Regalia, and the two sisters battle an enemy sent by Kei, the one who called Rena away.

The setting is Enastoria, and from the news broadcasts and actions of characters, it is a very peaceful country. When the enemy shows up, Yui orders him to leave, that Enastoria will not accept any violent people like him. It turns out she is the empress of the country! It will be interesting to see her in her role as empress, because as a little sister she is pretty soft and impulsive.

As for the animation, There are good environmental effects, explosions, heat waves, light dispersion from computer screens. The light wraparound from direct sunlight is done well as well. The entire screen does seem to have a slight haze over it.

During battle scenes, the sound of metal on metal is done well, but there are a couple frames that lag for a split second. The music during battle scenes was more creepy than exhilarating. The Enemy Regalia’s pilot(who is part robot I think, he has a metal skull..) was laughing manically even as his regalia was torn to shreds. The detail and quality of the characters varied as well. Yui and Rena were detailed and smooth while the enemy was a bit choppy and inconsistent.

The story does seem interesting, It insinuated at Yuri tendencies but that may just be a sisterly relationship. Girls are more comfortable being close then guys are. Either way! This seems really good and interesting.

Rating: A-