Qualidea Code episode 1 focussed lot on the characters instead of the setting. The only indication of what the setting is is the title of the episode, Surviving World Gloria. There seems to be a war against interdimensional aliens happening, similar to World Trigger. Some characters appear to have supernatural abilities while others fight using guns. It may have to do with the security-tag like sticker on the back of their necks.


From what I could piece together, all of the characters work for the same military, but in different factions; Chiba, Tokyo and Kanagawa.  There is a ranking system implemented in the military based on how many enemy’s you kill. The higher your ranking, the higher your pay and you receive certain privileges at home.


Now we don’t know who the enemy’s are, how long they have been attacking, how big the world is, or if other countries are having the same issues. The setting is not covered.


Ichiya is our…. Protagonist…but he behaves like a bully. He believes he is superior, stronger, and he is ‘all we need’ and that he alone can ‘protect mankind’s peace’. He is very arrogant and unpleasant. In the beginning of the episode there is a scene, memory or dream, where there is chaos and carnage around a little boy who turns out to be Ichiya. His sister is there with him and consoles him. The ‘powerless’ past may influence his behaviour now. Two possible plot outcomes I see with his attitude is that he is kicked out of the military, stripped of his super power or hurt in such a way he cannot fight with his super power anymore and has to try and help in the war like a ‘normal person’ he looks down on. A second plot outcome could be that he has been assigned either as a team leader, or been assigned to a team because of his bad attitude and must learn teamwork. He would try to do it all himself still and would receive a punishment each time. He reminds me of Sasuke!


Some animation techniques used were fire effects, transformation effects, energy balls/swords, and explosion transitions. Sometimes the buildings would look as if they were glowing and the light diffusion would make seeing the rest of the scene difficult.


Hair movement was infrequent in frames with more than 1 person but the shadowing was soft and the eyes had a nice gradient of color to them.


The music during battles resembles the upbeat sound that a character with natural talent is often fighting to. The music was not angry or heavy because Ichiyas sister, Canaria is singing. Her super power has to do with her songs. Its not explained explicitly but while her brother can manipulate his own gravity, Canarias song can fortify people.


And lastly, when the situation of friendly fire arose, it was explained well. With the characters in this anime, friendly fire and the motivation behind friendly fire are feasible, and realistic. You add one character obsessed with rankings to another who doesn’t care, but hates the first, and you would get a competition to take away the competitive characters kills, effectively dropping his rank.


There doesn’t feel like there is a central hero, Ichiya thinks he is the hero, but he would be more of the anti-hero, or in all honesty, he is Sasuke in this anime. We don’t have a Naruto character yet so I do not know who the protagonist could be. It does make for an interesting dynamic though.


Rating: A