A lot of aspects of this anime are ones I generally dislike. I usually dislike idol animes because they share a lot of the same plots as other idol animes and the twists are easy to predict. I usually dislike fully CGI stage performances. They end up making the characters look too stiff and usually the lip sync is off and it looks bad. But holy crap! This episode had me on the edge of my seat cheering!

First off, yes, Tsukiuta is an idol anime, the second one of this season. There are very attractive men dancing and singing, each with their own personality, like in every idol anime. Its not original.

The token female character of the anime may actually not be the harem leader. She has not met the idols yet, and I do not know if she even will. The story focuses more on her brother Syunpei.

Syunpeis sister cannot attend a handshake event so she convinces her little brother to go. She explains the group dynamics through the eyes of a superfan, making it easy for the audience to relate and understand the information rather the idol characters themselves try to explain it through introductions. Plus you get to fangirl right along with her, rolling on the bed and all.

Her brother attends the event, and runs into Kakeru, the group member his sister is infatuated with the most. He doesn’t know its Kakeru, and the two other members keep quiet about his identity. So the younger brother is groaning about how much his sister loves this ‘Kakeru’ and how she plays the music so much he knows the lyric and dances. He is under the impression that these three young, attractive boys are Staff of the venue.

Long story short the 4 of them end up hanging out, and when he realizes the Staff member he had been with all day is Kakeru, he is awestruck. Looks like he’s a fan now!

Now the CGI. It was amazing. The characters did not look stiff, they looked detailed, and maybe it was the swooping of the camera but it was so enjoyable! They blinked, they had moving eyebrows, the clothes moved with them, the dancing was interesting and fun. The characters alternated in singing and being in the center. The CGI made it so that more natural movements, and more motions and dance moves could be done. Each character was moving independently instead of all dancing in one line, the same movement as everyone else. It just looked… so good. And I am not a fan of CGI performances! If this is the new Idol CGI, then I cant wait for more. I am blown away by this CGI. The shadowing of the face, the clothing, even their armpits had the appropriate shadow. It was really fun watching that performance.

Other than the CGI, the animation was pretty solid. Frequent characters had a lot less detail than infrequent characters and it was very noticeable. One character has very fine and detailed hair versus another who has un-detailed hair with tufts sticking out.

The climax also sucked. The show focuses on two groups, Six Gravity and Procellarum and when they had a major announcement, I was expecting either the groups were merging or they were disbanding. The actual information was disappointing, and if it had been a Western music group, it wouldn’t even have been something to announce. I wont tell you what the information was though 🙂

Rating: A