Kuromukuro is a futuristic, mecha anime about a girl named Yukina. Her mother is the Chief of the UN Research Facility and has been an absentee parent for the most part. Yukina was raised by her uncle and is currently raising her own brother. Nevertheless, this is pretty common in animes so it is most likely a staple in Japanese society.

The episode is simple. Yukina takes her mothers UN cellphone back to the local facility because her mother let it at the school during the parent-teacher conference. During her visit, the facility is attacked my a meteor-like object which brings with it hoards of enemy robots.

When all is lost, Yukina manages to open the Black Box, a salvaged cube that researchers have no information on. Out of the Box tumbles a man, a naked man, who proceeds to attack the enemy robots.

The animation in this episode was pretty fantastic. There was hair movement, clothing movement, wind displacement and the backgrounds were very detailed. The models of car in the backgrounds were different. The Robots, the mecha, the internal screens in the mechas were fully fleshed out with moving script and buttons.

While the enemy robots approaching were not CGI, they were a repeated series of frames for a good 7 seconds.

The slime and steam effects were done well, they disappeared a bit fast for my liking, but it was an action scene and time was of the essence. There was no residual slime either. You’d think being encased in slime for X amount of years would leave some in your hair.

And finally, the naked man. They didn’t censor anything out, because nothing had to be censored. They moved **s arm in such a way that it covered all the naughty bits. It didn’t look forced either. She was freaking out and her arms were flailing. It was really smart and done well.

The feel from the anime is like a reverse Tarzan. A savage man is brought into society and is expected to act a certain way. That’s just my idea.

Rating: A-