Episode 4 and 5 of Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan follow the trend of the first few. Saiki is not so much a main character, he is the character who is the most inconvenienced by the character currently in the spotlight.

Each episode revolves around one characters obsession with Saiki. In episode 4 it is Shun Kaidou, a chuunibyou who manages to gain Saikis respect by the end of the episode. The 5th episode was around Kokomi Teruhashi, and ojou-sama all of the boys are obsessed with. Saiki avoids her because she draws attention, and he hates attention.

We do learn a little about how his powers work, for example he can see long distances when he crosses his eyes.

The animation is basic, there is little shading in clothing or faces, except in the folding of the clothes.

In Teruhashis fantasy’s we get to see what Saiki would look like if he showed emotions, such as embarrassment.

Backgrounds changed to textures based on emotions of certain characters. If they are intense characters then the backgrounds follow them Kaidou was afraid and assumed a dark organization was after him, to the backgrounds would turn a wavy blue or ominous purple.

Teruhashi believes she is gods gift to men so her character had an entire aura of white halo light around her, even when Saiki could hear her condescending thoughts about how she is beautiful and kind and all men swoon after her.

Saiki was almost like a support character in these episodes. His personality is one that actively avoids people and attention, but he was probably the least seen character in his own show.

While he gains more (unwanted) followers and continues to use his powers to help them/stop them from bugging him, it will be interesting to see if he is exposed as a psychic and has to deal with it or if it will be a straightforward ‘leave me alone’ anime.

Rating: B

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