91 days is not what I had assumed it would be. I mean at first I thought it was 19 Days, the Korean Webcomic. This was far from it. It takes place in America I THINK because it takes place during the Prohibition. The names Lagusa and Vanetti do seem Italian. That and the presence of the mob bring a European feel to it.

The style of clothing does resemble prohibition era America, with newsboy hats and suspenders over white shirts and such. So I guess we will just have to look for clues in later episodes.

Our main character, Angelo Lagusa, who now goes by Avilio Bruno, returns to his old town and meets up with Corteo, his childhood friend just as he is about to be shaken down by the Family. They proceed to try and sell Corteos Moonshine to the owner of a church-turned-bar when Fango, a member of the Orco family busts in looking for the person responsible for stealing Family booze.

Almost half of the episode was a backstory, the backstory to why Angelo left. His mother, father and little brother were brutally murdered by the Family. He fled to an undisclosed location and had changed his name. Someone found him though, and mailed him a photo of his brother, addressed to Angelo.

Angelo himself seems to be a skilled, smart, but depressed person. I mean his whole family was murdered and he was almost murdered too. He is probably out for revenge, despite trying to sell Corteos high quality Moonshine to the Family. It is probably part of a larger plan though, so it has to play out. During the flashback I noticed when Angelo waved goodbye, his pinky finger did not bend. It wasn’t brought up at the time, nor when he returned as an adult, but it was shown, and who goes out of their way to draw a possibly damaged pinky finger if it did not have an impact on the story? Watch me be completely wrong about this later. Either way, he doesn’t speak too often, but he is quick to think and observant.

The color scheme for the episode is very dark. I had a hard time seeing some scenes because it was too dark. There were not a lot of scenes outside, and when there were it was mostly overcast and raining. In the flashback scenes there was a slight haze over the scenes, blurring everything a little. The light effects were very thorough and detailed. With one light source being the window, the way lines of light lay on objects was pretty accurate. Instead of objects seeming to ‘glow’ in order to have light, the light diffusion worked with the dark color scheme to create a pretty creepy room.

When Angelo was shadowed underneath a couch, the shadows on his face were still visible. I don’t believe if you are under a couch then shadows would appear, but they were still very detailed.

The music was on the creepy side as well. The soft jazz and low horror music made me feel uneasy, like something terrible was just around the corner. The sound effects were okay. There were rain sound effects and the sound of footsteps in the puddles, but only one set of footprints when multiple people were walking.

Angelos brother, Luce was younger, cute and blonde. When he saw his mother being threatened, his eyes welled up and his lip quivered as Angelo held him back. The facial expression portrayed significant fear and pain. The micro movements of his facial expression is a stark contrast to Angelos current facial expressions. Think Haru from Free meets Tanaka from Tanaka is Listless.

Details in the face of characters depended how many were on screen. If there was 1 character, their face and clothing were very detailed. When there was 2 , the details diminshed a bit, but three or more characters and their faces became basic. Movements like running and ducking were smooth, and while being fired at Angelo was a cool cucumber. Although I guess shootings were common back then.

Speaking of shooting scenes! Fango did not have infinite bullets. He had to reload. In a lot of tv shows, videogames and animes the creators kinda forget about how many bullets are in a clip. It was a nice little detail.

Little details that were missed were Angelo’s footprints not being in the snow in the flashback, during a fight scene with a knife a character slashed horizontally but the resulting cut was vertical. In the same scene a character grabbed a knife and it was shown close-up to have been stabbed through the enemy’s hand but zooming out there was no blade poking out.

91 Days reminds me of Gangsta, thought the use of the Family, and the style of clothing and buildings. I feel like a plot like this can either be one of revenge, or one similar to Gangsta, where the character doesn’t play an active role in the conflict, but is more to the sidelines and the anime focuses on ho the larger conflict affects them.

Rating: B+