Haifuri is an anime about high school girls training to be Blue Mermaids, a kind of Coast Guard or ship support I assume. Its not explained thoroughly what their actual job is. How these 14 year olds are set on a ship without any adult supervision and given live ammo… and expected to sail is beyond me. But then again this is Japan, and it is an anime.

Our main character, Misaki dreams of being a Blue Mermaid with her best friend, Moka. When they enter high school, they are assigned to different ships, like different classes.

They set sail, and after finding out they would be three hours late to the rendezvous point, the Harekaze, Misakis ship is attacked by the Sarushima, with their teacher, Miss Furushou as the captain. They do not know why they are being attacked, they tried communication and the last resort was firing at the ship in order to survive.

The music throughout had a high seas feel. It was upbeat and parade-like with water sound effects in the background.

As expected from a water based setting, the water flow looked good, there was water splashing against the sides of the boats as it was displaced and the currant did not look too fast for the boats. The boats seemed unaffected by the water.

For anyone who has ever visited a dock, the water moves the boats constantly left, right, up and down. The boats in Haifuri were very still and solid. Who knows, maybe they found a boat stabilization technology. Probably not.

The insides of the boats were detailed, shadowed, toned and shaded well. The water was a solid blue, so you could not see the boats hull under the water. You could see a passing boats reflection on the glass mirror at one point which I felt was a nice touch.

The impacts of the rockets on the Sarushima rocked the boat and sent up a plume of water. It looked realistic, but the boat did stabilize after the attack a bit too quickly.

Haifuri seems to be like Arpeggio after the battle. I do not know if battling will be a prevalent theme or not. The goal of the girls being on the boats seemed to be a training exercise, yet they all seem very knowledgeable. If they are to return to base after firing on a teacher ship, will this be similar to Fullmetal Alchemist where they try and uncover the corruption behind the attack on students, or will it be a mission based anime where higher-ups delegate missions to unskilled kids and hope they succeed?

Rating: B-