Episode 3 and 4 of Koutetsujou no Kabaneri continued to blow my mind


It’s the aftermath of the Kabane attacking the town, Ikoma is passed out on his floor, people are screaming and running to the Koutetsujou, it is madness.


Takumi finds Ikoma and takes him to the train, and they board safely. Ikomas half dressed and bloody, but they make it on because he brought his Kabane heart piercing gun. When he uses it after they have boarded, his chest is exposed and the passengers see his Kabane heart. Ikoma is as surprised as everyone else is, screaming frantically that the virus never reached his brain.


Needless to say he is promptly tossed from the train.


It doesn’t stop him from trying to help though, and he fights the remaining Kabane while the train escapes. When the train cant escape because the bridge can be lowered, he flips the switch, giving an internal monologue along the lines of ‘your rejecting me, well I hope you feel like shit when I die saving you, so I can laugh at you from beyond the grave.” kinda thing. Its emotional! All he wants to do is help these stupid people and they constantly reject him, but he is too stupid to use his newly found strength to intimidate them. Granted that is what Mumei does and it looks like a stupid move on her part. Is there no winning for Ikoma?


Mumei get Ikoma back on board the train just before the leaves the city. The water tank had been damaged by the Kabane earlier, so they need to make a stop to fix it. The elders are demanding a funeral for their family’s, so it’s a win-win.


It turns out one of the women, an expectant mother, is slowly turning into a Kabane. Mumei can sense it, spidey-senses and all, and kills her. The group doesn’t like this. They don’t like it even more when Mumei revealed that for food she requires blood.


Episode 2 and 3 were different from each other in their animation style as well as the sound effects. Episode 2 was more detailed, while episode 3 had more hair but less clothing movement.


The backgrounds were all still extremely detailed, like the perfect hybrid between real imagery and a drawing.  The trees were detailed well and the sun on the water added to the details and realistic art style. Episode 3 takes place at night or inside the Koutetsujou, but the detail in the guts of the train are as fine as ever.


The sound effects during a fight are loud and obvious to what they are. There are swords clashing, footsteps, and when a Kabane heart is pierced there is a very loud Shing sound effect.


In episode 3 there are not a lot of sound effects, mostly because there were no battles against the Kabane, other than the one woman. In the effects done, they sounded exaggerated. Motion sound effects sounded too.. Squishy. Kicking Ikoma should not sound like a shock jock radio hosts soundboard.


Emotional frames, such as when Ikoma was haphazardly tossed from the train, were still frames of what looked like a painting. It showed the emotion and was pretty to see. The painting frames occurred only 2 times,  but they had an impact.


The music, again, was pretty hyped up. The music dropped off suddenly when people saw Ikomas Kabane heart or when Mumei asked for blood. The sudden drop-off of all sound and the horrified looks on peoples faces made me feel like I had to be silent as well.


Mumeis attitude changes between the episodes as well. In episode 2 she is trying to win over the passengers but in episode 3 she talks down to them and doesn’t care to make friends. Ikoma is the one who holds her back from starting a fight.


With the new revelation of the Kabaneri needing blood, will this dampen their relationship with people? Hopefully not, I don’t think its like someone needs to die each time, just slice your arm and drip it into a cup people!


It is not as heart pounding as the first episode, the second episode literally rode out into the sunset, but the third episode… cliffhanger!


Rating: A