Episode 6 and 7 showed a kind of new side to Saiki. This time he was the main character of his own show. The two episodes were a part 1 and part 2 of a scenario, a game of dodgeball. There was Kaido and Nendou, returning from episode 4 and 3. The new nuisance in Saikis life is Hairo, the class representative and sport maniac.


Saiki, with his stony face, continued to try and be eliminated from the game, but as Murphy’s Law dictates, he always ended up either being saved by Hairo or by the no-face-rule and gaining control of the ball.


With his psychic powers  Saiki has to be wary of his strength. If he tossed the ball at full force, the player would be ‘out for good’. In restraining his strength his throws ended up pretty weak.


Saiki was also using his telepathy to measure his ‘likeability’ score, aiming for a neutral 50. He was doing this by reading minds I guess, in the form of numbers. A score too high would result in people wanted to hang out with him, but a score too low would result in him being bullied.


Essentially this dodgeball game is a big pain in his butt.


Although have no fear, when Nendou gives him a big big big hug, Saikis likeability score plummets to 46.


The backgrounds in these episodes were almost non-existent. Between the use of power and the sports scene going on, the backgrounds were solid colors with wavy eerie lines or stars of fiery passion.


The details in the characters were pretty slim like before, except during the token sports scene when the character is very serious.


Saiki did use his powers to help Hairo, who had injured himself trying to ‘save’ Saiki. So there’s a smidgen of selflessness in him after all… naw. If he hadn’t helped Hairo, then he would have been the sole player on his team and that would have drawn too much attention. It was good character development though.


Rating: A-


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