So Battery is the third male sports anime of the season. Ladies, where are you? From the name I assumed it would be about technology or something requiring batteries, apparently Battery is a baseball term. A Battery is a pitcher/catcher team within a baseball team, similar to how in Haikyuu Tobio and Hinata are setter and spiker.

The Battery in this anime is yet to be confirmed because the main character has not joined the baseball team yet, but is planning to.

Takumi Harada is a pitcher. He used to play for the White Tigers but his family has relocated to Nitta to live with his grandfather, and he will be joining the sub-par(in his opinion) Nitta Stars baseball team. While taking his run he meets Go Nagakura, his prospective catcher. For the first while Go fawns over Takumi. When Takumi offers to pitch to him Go becomes very happy. He is definitely the Hinata in this team.

The next day they gather in an alley and begin passing the ball. Go accuses Takumi of not being serious because his pitches were weak and unlike the pitches he had seen in tournaments. After Takumi dons his cleats, Go puts on his catchers gear. Takumi calls him an ojou-sama for having his own gear. This sets both boys off and after some trash talk Takumis pitches become serious. Go is able to catch a pitch after 5 tries. The trash talk did not seem to dampen Gos attitude towards Takumi.

Takumi himself seems to have some backstory. He is very quiet/ low key. His voice never fluctuates and he doesn’t smile. His tag line is ‘I’m not interested’ despite being invested in baseball. I suspect his shoulder has been injured either in baseball or outside of it. His hand was tremoring in one scene, his grandfather eludes to how long his shoulder can ‘hold out’ and during the warm up pitches he was aggravated when Go questioned if he was actually trying. Perhaps the family moved because Takumi got in a fight at his old school or because there is better treatment in Nitta. His shoulder is not brought up as a damaged part, but the small clues will probably bring a confession. Go may ask about it or say something to trigger Takumis rage.

Seiha, Takumis younger brother is an interesting character as well. He seems to have a knack for baseball, but with a kind heart. He is able to calm his brother and understand him when the adults do not. He is loyal to his older brother and aims to copy him in his love for baseball, but Takumi snubs his interest. He claims Seihas body will not be able to catch up, that he is not strong enough to play baseball. I don’t know if this is Takumi defending HIS importance in the game, or if Seiha has a weak body. We don’t spend a lot of personal time with Seiha so I can’t be sure.

The creator of Battery also created No.6. If the themes are similar then the plot may follow the ‘happy go lucky character causes the closed character to open up’ theme. This theme is used in a lot of animes, and a couple Shounen-ai titles, namely No.6, Gravitation, and Loveless(I wish the manga would start up again).

Sports animes are usually know for the over-persistence of the underdog main character, and the fiery intense scenes that sports in general is known for. Battery is the complete opposite from a usual sports anime. The story is told from Takumis perspective, and he is the skilled, cool-cucumber, closed off character. He isn’t struggling to prove himself, or to gain the respect of a more skilled team mate. To compare, it is similar to Free! Where Haru is pretty emotionless, but the others around him have there own personality. I can see Takumi snapping at people and pushing them away in future episodes.

The emotions in this episode were not conveyed well. Takumi got an earful from his grandfather , but the ‘stern talking to’ did not feel very stern. It was pretty tame and would not deter anyone. Takumi himself may portray his disinterest or depression through his words, but his eyes are pretty 1 dimensional. Usually in characters with this personality trait there are deep eyes, or spaced out eyes, their eyes are very important for conveying that lack of… presence. Takumis eyes look pretty basic. Facial expressions aside are expressive and such, but his eyes show no depth.

The characters are very interesting to say the least. Knowing Atsuko Asano there may be hints of Shounen-ai between Takumi and Go, but I doubt there will be a goodbye kiss thrown into the episode.

Rating: B+