And so we rejoin the Earth Defence Club in Kurotama bath, where many-a night has been spent between these 5 boys. Alas, they are promptly joined by their recent enemy-turned friends, the Student Council. These guys are very comfortable being butt naked in front of one another. Maybe its an eastern thing. Maybe it’s a Binan Koukou thing, who knows.


Anyways! The first episode of season 2 seems to pick up fairly soon after the first season ends. The relationship between Atsushi and Kin is still tangled, and an awkward first date like scenario is going on in the bathtub. The two are off in their corner, awkwardly trying to talk to one another but neither of them are picking up on the hints. The other 6 sit on the opposite end, silently watching. Well, 5 of them are silently watching. Yumoto seems to blurt out whatever he feels like, and its usually the most obvious thing.


It turns out the student council is studying abroad for a couple weeks and are leaving the next day. So everyone is hinting at the Earth Defence Club to see them off at the airport, but no one but Yumoto has the courage to say it. Well, Yumoto probably did it out of social naivety than courage, but that’s besides the point.


Later, after the Student Council Members depart, the EDC returns to the bath, and is attacked by a…monster? But Zundar is gone and the Galactic TV show is over! Nevertheless an hourglass monster attacks the boys, and erased their Lovelacelets. I thought this meant their time was being reversed and it would be a reimagining of the first season, except they had knowledge of the TV show, but no. The bracelets were just erased. The monster spewed sand all over the bath until big brother Gora bust in and screamed at it. He’s much angrier this season than the last…


The next day the EDC finds the monster in their clubroom. The two begin fighting, but without the Lovelacelets, the EDC is no match. Until Wombat shows up all angelic and such. He gives them new and improved Lovelacets and new costumes. He is Madison from Cardcaptors it seems. I heard rumors of a new Cardcaptors season, was it just Binan S2?? *disappointed*


The boys get a power up and defeat the monster, rushing to the airport.


We find out the cause of the Monster, a new green flying squirrel has teamed up with 2 white haired Iitachin twins, transferring in. So I guess its just a ‘bigger badder enemy’ plot. Is that common in magical girl animes? Well that’s common in nearly every anime or tv show that continues past the first season. Perhaps instead of mocking Magi-girls the parodied genre will be Shounen this season. The attack sequences were very ‘Shounen’ as well.


From the start the episode the characters were reintroduced slowy, as in one character spoke, so he was in frame. The next character would start speaking off frame, but then he would be shown. It was a nice way of spacing the characters so that they had their own screen time at the start and you could properly see their face. When all 5 are in a frame at once the quality drops a little and the viewer has to figure out which of the characters is speaking.


The highlight in the characters hairs changed based on the texture of their hair as well. If a character had straight hair, the highlight was straight. If the character had wavy hair, the highlight squiggled across their head.


The quality has been upped and the parody possibly changed, but it is still a ridiculous anime. Within 5 minutes one of that characters (who are we kidding, it was Yumoto) was describing how he used ‘sand clocks’ or hourglasses to time his enemas. I didn’t expect that.


Knowing the plot twist from the first season, its fair to say that the student council members will probably end up being the ‘trump card’ in a battle against the new enemy’s. I would say that they were written off had it not been for the focus on rebuilding Atsushi and Kins relationship. It is a plot trope that main characters departure means they come back just as they are needed. Also that the old enemy leaves to make room for the new enemy.


Being exchange students may also meant that the galactic tv show was taking places in more than 1 country on earth, and they are doing a ‘collab show’. Either that or they are just here to fuck shit up.


Well, lets tune in next week for Cardcap- *sigh*


Rating: A-