Geez, and here I wanted to watch a happy go lucky anime!


Kono Bijutsubu is a slice of life, school setting, club based anime. The club of choice? The Art Club.

Currently there are 4 members, one we haven’t been introduced to yet though. The other three are quite the characters.


Usami Mizuki, the main female character is the serious member, the one who is keeping the club afloat, the member who paints apples and understands art theory. All the President of the art club does is take pictures of members and sleep.  Uchimaki Subaru is a club member so he can create his Waifus, and he aims to create his ultimate Waifu there. Mizuki gets pretty upset at him a lot because his art style is lewd and doesn’t belong in the art club. She’s not mean abut it, but she gets ‘slice of life female’ mad, where she shakes him and whines about it.


She probably has a crush on him though, because she all but says ‘I like him’. She gets nervous when he asks for a favor, she imagines him asking her out, she enjoys how he looks when he’s speaking about his waifus, because he looks happiest. When he says he is going to quit the club she tailspins and ends up crying in front of him because she doesn’t want him to leave.


He ends up staying, because he wants to draw more crying faces now. He is pretty oblivious to Mizukis affections.


The anime is very nice. The art style is soft and attractive, each character has their own charm. Uchimaki is freaking adorable btw. The president is properly portrayed as lazy. The number of different art styles used for the characters own art projects are nicely separated from the characters. The alternate styles are  shaded differently and have a personality themselves.


The music was very slice of life. It was upbeat and soft and happy. It helped create a soft happy mood, especially when Mizuki was ‘mad’ or frustrated.


The humor was definitely based around Mizukis reactions. How she handled something, such as the president sneaking a panty shot, was comical and over the top. Out of the three characters we follow her emotional roller coaster the most. As the only serious member of the art club she tries to uphold a type of quality, but Uchimaki ignores her and she becomes frustrated.


The frantic waving and mental processes of Mizuki create a change in the background her expression. The art style in general was very soft and comforting. It is a slice of life series so unless it pulls a plot twist like Gakkou Gurashi, I cant see any foreseeable plot tragedy’s, perhaps a new member causes havoc or something but it may be an evolution of the characters type deal. We already suspect Mizuki likes Uchimaki despite him being only interested in 2D girls. We do however have a fourth and unknown member of the club. She or he could make an appearance and mess around with the club or bring a new dilemma.


The art style was done well, the music was mood setting, and the characters were a hoot. This episode pulled me through an emotional rollercoaster, and even I was frustrated with Uchimaki at the end, although he did redeem himself by saying something sweet.


Rating: A