Geez this anime is so funny. Girl or guy, if you are into BL, Ryo will make you laugh because he does what real fudanshi and fujoshi think.

The anime covers the tropes if BL such as, two guys sitting close to each other, one guy being the others dog, helping when the boxes are too heavy and such. Ryo gets so excited and starry eyed its hilarious. His explanation of Fujoshis online is spot on as well. I’ve seen some of those posts where it would put someone in jail for stalking and harassment if the intended victim was real.

Nakamura continues to act like a tutorial guide, asking questions that Ryo explains to the audience, such as ‘why don’t you just go to an all boys school?”

The soundtrack in this anime is ever changing depending who is on screen. It will go from ‘classy’ music when a certain character is on screen, to fluffy music when Ryo sees a ‘possible BL moment’. When Ryo is fired up, aka talking about BL, the music becomes intense and fiery. When characters are disgusted, either by Ryo or some other character, all sounds stop for a moment while faceless background characters stare.

The backgrounds are pretty versatile as well. They shift to either accentuate the scene in front of it or expand on the characters emotions. When a character, Nakamura mostly, is disgusted, mostly by Ryo, then the background is dark with squiggly lines of shame.

The characters detail shifted with the number of people on screen, there are more than 2 characters now so in a few scenes the character look like crap.

In the third episode, I don’t know why they would do this, but the characters instead of moving on their own, they moved like… a bubble. Similar to how the characters in JK Meshi ‘moved’ they were squeezed at the sides and made a small jump. I don’t know why that would be in the episode, it was not in any of the previous episodes. I hope they do not use it again.

So fa this series has been pretty hilarious. The new characters introduced fit a stereotype and challenge Ryos imagination. Shiratori is a handsome guy, who is biologically female, so Shiratori doesn’t really do it for Ryo. Dedication man.

Rating: B