So Nejimaki Seirei is one of those animes where the ending is eluded to during all of the episodes. Much like how in Arslan Senki they will tell us their future titles beforehand, we find out that Ikta Solork, our protagonist will later be known as the Invincible Lazy General.

The beginning is a pretty standard introduction. We meet the two characters who have known each other for a while, se their dynamic and then move onto the new characters. The characters we are with are in training or taking exams to join the military. The boat they are on begins to take on water and they are evacuated. A young girl on board falls overboard and Ikta rescues her.

When the young girl comes to we find out that she is the third princess of the country our characters reside. The currant pushed out characters onto enemy territory and they have to decide where to go from there.

Our male protagonist, Ikta reminds me of Kanata from Sky Wizards, both in look and attitude. He is fairly lazy, loving hammocks in particular. We find out that he is an orphan. We don’t know if he was ever adopted, but probably not. He eludes to having ‘no mom or dad’ but doesn’t clarify if that includes adopted parents. Either way, Im going on the assumption he aged out of the orphanage. He is portrayed as pessimistic as well, expecting an invasion on the exam location and stating tat ‘hero’s die from overwork’ This does not gain him a favorable public opinion. Nevertheless he seem to have a sense of duty towards the monarch because he jumps into the ocean to save the princess. With the announcement that he would become not only a general, but a lazy general, his character progression will probably be one along the lines of ‘talented without trying’ and that he possesses the ‘analytical’ character trait. He voiced his philosophical thoughts on how chess relates to the battlefield. He is also a bit of a pervert at least to Haroma. He becomes very comfortable around her and insists she gives him a nickname. It may just be that her reactions are fun and she is pretty. I doubt that lazybones would be serious about a relationship at this point.

Igsem is the eldest daughter of the Yayorishino family and is considered high-class. She is called Lady Yayoi by stock characters at the beginning. How she came to know Ikta is a mystery, but she reveals that they have known each other for a while. They are probably childhood friends, either following the plotline of ‘too young to understand social class’ or ‘he stood up for her against bad guys’. Igsem is confident and appears to be skilled with a weapon so it is most likely the first option. She is less critical if Ikta than others except in a teasing tone. She does get violent with him when he insults the royal family, but she is from a high class family so loyalty to the royal family takes precedence over personal relationships.

The animation style reminds me of Grimgar, the barely-there outlines and water-color type scenes. Not every scene is as picturesque as that, but the nature backgrounds and scenes are very beautiful. Sunspots and shade move naturally with wind-ruffled leaves. The rain effects are realistic in the way that they blur the screen or at least the items in the background. The downpour that was shown in the scene did not blur the water surface though like it would in reality. The boat rocking on the water was included and matched the wave motions.

On-land the backgrounds varied in detail, or rather the foreground varied. In a couple scenes while walking on the pier the wooden posts holding the roof up had dings and scratches and other wear and tear marks. It was a very nice touch.

Character details also varied. With 3 or more characters on screen the detail in the face lessened, but the detail in the clothing was pretty consistent up to 5 characters on screen.

During a blackout the entire screen was dark, not dark enough that you couldn’t see the characters. It was but dark enough that it would take out all of the color. The animation did not suffer due to the lack of a light source though. The characters were just as detailed and the motion effects were better than in a well lit scene. The same went for in the nighttime scenes. The colors were darker but you could still tell which elements were red or yellow or green. Most characters did not have very defined lips though. There was a small shadow underneath the bottom lip and on top but there was no color differentiation.

The music in the episode was fairly old school. I mean this in the way that it resembled the soundtrack of Sleeping Beauty or King Arthur. It had an old tyme feel to it. The sound effects of the birds and storm were well done. Iktas voice was too toned-down in some areas for my liking. In areas where he was annoyed or angry, the facial expression came through but not the voice. It was the same tone as his regular voice. He was more buoyant when flirting with Haroma but the rest did not come through.

Nejimaki shares a lot of plot points with other fantasy animes and other military animes. The progression from Ikta being a lazy bones to a general will be an interesting one, although it may be an unwanted title or a ‘mendokusaiii’ title. If it was just a General position I would consider maybe Igsem was kidnapped and that fired him up or something happened to put him into gear, but being the Lazy General makes me think his skill would probably be in the analytical department. Work smarter not harder and all.

For now the goal is to get home, so if the characters can get home safely then it may continue like Akagami no Shirayuki and Ikta earns a spot at the palace or something along those lines. Lazy characters forced into action are always funny because they go against the stereotype of a hero.

Rating: A-