Episode 8 and 9 of Saiki showed us a whole new side to this listless psychic. He is confronted with a new suitor, Chiyo Yumehara. He can read her thoughts, so he is able to hear all of her ‘plans’ and actively avoid them until she gives up. He actually uses his powers a lot, which surprised me. He used telekinesis it return objects to her pockets, he teleported right in front of her, and altered his appearance just as she was tapping on his shoulder. I know the girl is dense, but come on Saiki… your going to be noticed.

Episode 9 brings back his parents, happy in marital bliss once more. They use Saikis ability’s to move furniture, and move more, and rearrange the room, break down walls and generally stress Saiki out. We see the first expression Saikis ever given, too bad it’s a creepy evil smile.

We learn a lot more about his powers. He claims he cannot control his x-ray vision or telepathy, so seeing a girl, into his case Teruhashi from episode 5, all he sees is the muscles under her skin, and not the beautiful exterior she is so proud of. This doesn’t really fit in, because there has been no mention of it before, and seeing Titan-like people would probably come up sooner.

His ‘restore’ power also is not a restore power. It rewinds the time of that object by 1 day, which ended up moving all of the furniture back to the way it was the day before.

A lot of the scenes in episode 8 were cut in half, showing Saiki while Chiyo hatched her plan and ‘previewed’ it on her side of the screen. Her plans were always less detailed and rough sketches.

In episode 9 there were a lot more jump cuts and not a lot of in-between movement. The parents were constantly changing their mind so they were behaving erratically.

If the trend keeps up and Saiki is becoming more human, I am looking forwards to it.

Rating: B+

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