Okay so Mayoiga sets us up for some right creepy vibes. We start out on a bus, a random bus with people who are apparently going to start their life over? Is this a cult? Did they all drink the Kool-Aid?

Okay so apparently it isn’t a cult, its an online tour to Nakiri Village, an unmarked, unknown village. Its never been confirmed, but apparently you can take a bus to it? If a road lead to it how can it be hidden?

Anyways! So this village is hidden and so people want to flee to this village to restart their lives. They all created new names for themselves, ranging from the weird like Hyouketsu no Judgement and SpeedStar to the mundane, like Jack or Mitsumune.

Each of the characters goes through their introduction and some of them explain why they joined the tour, but towards the end everyone is pretty curt. Some seen fine, others seem wacky. One wants to be Eve and find her Adam, another has a stalker and one even wants to keep her identify safe so she is running away. The whole thing reeks of an impending Danganronpa revelation. One character hints at cannibalism being a future theme..

Two characters that are focussed on are Mitsumune and SpeedStar. They seem to know each other in real life because Mitsumune calls him Hayato instead. Hayato questions the Mitsumune online handle name so perhaps the reasoning for his name will come into play in the next episode.

The episode ends before the bus can arrive at Nakiri Village, if it ever arrives.

The animation style was very clean. The characters had a nice amount of detail, and remained consistent in their detailing. On front views of the bus you can see almost every character at once, except those hiding on purpose, and they are all nicely detailed. This may be because those frames were most often motionless, but it worked.

During close-ups of characters faces the eyes are extremely detailed. In horror animes the eyes are an important feature because they are what conveys the most emotion. If a character does not look scared, then the impact is not as strong.

The spacing of the characters was well done as well. During the introduction each character was viewed from a different angle, so that it was not monotonous to watch. There would be small conversations or cut scenes every so often to break up the line of introductions.

The background a nice surprise as well. Because majority of the episode is spent on the bus, the background should be boring right? Well behind the characters there were windows, and outside of the windows you can see the trees and signs that the bus is passing. It’s a very nice touch and it brings up the overall quality, I feel.

I don’t know how the anime will juggle all of the different characters without passing some over. Perhaps there are many characters because a lot of them are going to be the first victims or throw away characters, that’s how horror animes usually work. Either way, the anime is very intriguing, and I am looking forwards to the continuation and progression Mitsumune has with the other characters.

Rating: A