Ozmafia is supposed to be about an Otome game right? I have yet to see a female..


Scarlett is back, and is having a difficult time it seems. We finally see another student but they quickly disappear. In both the second and third episode Scarlett was being overpowered by Kyrie, a teacher who resembles a Jester. Kyrie is very pushy and argues with Caramia-senpai for a majority of the second episode. He is also seen manipulating a second teacher, Axel into building him furniture.


At the end of the third episode Axel is included in a cut scene which I can only describe as ‘finishing his route’. He gives a small monologue about how Scarlett  can always come to him if he needs help.  What even is this?


The animation of the episodes was okay. It was not bad and it was not good. It was still smooth and the movements were good, but the head of the characters constantly changed sizes, sometimes on purpose and other times not. The outlines of the characters was on the blurry side as well.


The backgrounds were motionless, but the light diffusion coming from the window was a bit much, it resembled a snowstorm.


The story has progressed a little I feel, with the introduction of a club, the ‘Remedial Club’ and we did meet Bercy, the only other student we have seen.


It doesn’t feel like it is following the source material well, granted Dramatical Murder did not follow its game either. Scarlett has been deemed the main character it seems but with the original game being a Female centred otome game I don’t know why they chose a male for the main character. If they are planning a reveal like ‘he’s secretly a girl, masking as a boy!’ kinda plotline, there should be some inner monologue scenes so that the audience knows it.


Rating: B-

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