Episode 10 and 11 explore the setting Saiki lives in and introduced one new character who is bound to be the biggest pain in Saikis side.

Saiki has pink hair, and often that would result in one standing out, but we all know Saiki is not about that life. He also has antenna on his head that we don’t have an explanation for yet. People are not critical of those ‘abnormalities’ because Saiki has used his mind control on them.

He explains in a rather detailed montage. His mind control told people that ‘pink hair is not abnormal’ so more colorful hair was common, and now most people are born with colorful hair. The antennas he mid-controlled that they were just hair clips. He lists a number of anomalies that he has used mind control to tell people that it is normal to cover up a mistake he made as a child. A third example is fast healing. He healed a child with his powers, so in order to explain the quick regeneration, he mind controlled that ‘fast healing is normal’. This had a placebo effect on the population and now people do heal faster than before.

Skinny strong men and faster thinking are all effects brought about by Saikis supernatural powers. He is a bit boastful in the way that he changed the world to make it easier for him.

In the 11th episode he witnesses a street performer, an illusionist. Using his x-ray vision Saiki is able to see through the acts, and remains concerned for the dove hiding in the illusionists hat. In an attempt to discourage the illusionist, Saiki accidentally encourages him. The hopeless illusionist begs to be Saikis apprentice. Could that be anymore of a pain?

The outlining of some characters vary still. Close-up the detail is fine, but far away the details are pretty sketchy, meaning the character looks like it was quickly sketched. Backgrounds continue to reflect the characters inner mind, be it he is hyped up or feeling discouraged. The scenarios are a bit cheesy, but we do come to know more about Saiki, and how desperate he is to remain anonymous. I mean looking at what his parents do to him its not wonder he doesn’t want to be exposed.

Rating: B-

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