91 days is blowing everyone’s minds, sometimes even characters inside the show! ;P


Avilio is on the warpath, well, the backwoods road path. He is definitely out for revenge. He knows who his targets are. The letter that pulls him back to the city was written by someone who claims to be his fathers best friend. He names the three people involved in that night 7 years ago when all members of Avilios family were slaughtered. Don Vanetti, Nero Vanetti, and a man named Vanno Clemente. We knew about Neros involvement because someone called for him during the attack.


The hierarchy for the family’s has been explained a bit. The Orcos and Vanettis are on the same level, while the Galassia family is in charge of them. Multiple times we hear a reference to ‘the Galassia family wants the Orcos and Vanettis to get along’ as if they are the parent to two troublesome children.


In an attempt to mend relations, Don Vanettis daughter has married Don  Orcos nephew. Certain members of each family do not like that they are being pressured to get along. They would rather fight.


Serpents, a member of the Orco family had attacked Vanno Clemete, a member of the Vanetti family while on a booze run the night before. The route they are using was taken over by the Orcos 3 months prior, but these men don’t have s common sense gene, because thy have to assert themselves apparently.


Tronco, a 17 year old is murdered when Serpente attacks. He was Vannos driver, they seemed close. Vanno sort of lost it after that, demanding Serpentes head, and threatening to kill him.


The Dons are much more open to this peace talks than the members are, so Vanno is not given permission to kill Serpente. Don Vanetti admits he is not going to live long, so having the familys balanced would enable them to survive in the wake of his death. Everyone knows attacking just after the leader dies will ensure the family will be uncoordinated and fighting for leadership among themselves.


So where does Avilio come into this all? Well he is working in the shadows until his big moment. He befriended Nero back at the church, and now he befriends Vanno. At this point we do not know that Vanno is one of the murderers.


In order to join the Vanetti Family, Avilio has to kill Fango. It has to be Avilio because it cannot be a Vanetti/Orcos ordeal. Avilio has never murdered anyone before but he is cunning.


He is spotted before his shot lands, and Fango escapes. Serpent threatens Avilio but Vanno disables him. The three of them go to the graveyard where Tronco was buried. Vanno murders Serpente on top of Troncos grave.


In a twist of events, Avilio shoots and kills Vanno. But first he announces who he is, the son of the man he murdered.


The next day the body of Vanno is found, but not Serpente. Nero accuses Avilio of killing Vanno, but he denies. He points the finger at Ceretto, a bartender and friend of Vannos.


Ceretto admits he saw he bodies, assumed they took each other out and sold Serpentes body to Scusa, an information bureau agent.


The Orcos want Serpentes body, they want to bury him. Now that they know the bureau has the body it is easy to figure out where it is, they have a common storage location.


Scusa first tries to resell the body to the Vanettis for an absurdly high price. He gets greedy. I don’t think he will survive long.


Nero and Avilio reach the storage before the Orcos, and Avilio makes another assassination attempt on Fango. It fails a second time when Fangos backup shows up. The two escape, leaving Serpentes body to his family.


The Galassia family seems to think that Nero is responsible for Vanno and Serpentes death, and has put a hit out on him. The Vanettis hear this and decide to have him escape the city, safe out of the Galassia clutches.


Avilio cant have him escaping his revenge, so he offers to go with him and be his driver. Nero is still suspicious about Avilios involvement in the death of Vanno, but he agrees.


The car ride will probably be tense and filled with fake conversation. With one person wanting to kill the other and all.


Cars were used a lot in these episodes, and they were created using CGI. This is one of the scenarios that I do not like CGI in. The cars are supposed to look old, beat up and used. They look pristine as the new dawn. The way they move and turn corners does not look natural either.


The backgrounds rarely had any outline or interaction, so the picturesque look worked fine.


There were a couple scenes where there was no movement or speaking, so we were staring at a still image for a few seconds, and there were a lot of still image panning over stock characters.


The light placement was well done. The light diffusion of the headlights of the car and how the sunset nearly blinded the camera were realistic, and frankly added to the drama.


Avilio is doing a fantastic job. He is making progress on his revenge. They may through a curveball at us, where Nero has a young daughter or something, where it is hard for him to kill Nero. I don’t believe a friendship would get in the way, he has a friend in Corteo, and Nero killed his younger brother. The bastard will die. I also wonder if there will be effects on Avilio for being this murderous. Will he face emotional turmoil? Looking back on the OP, the band is TK, the band who did Tokyo Ghouls opening. The visuals also show him clinging to a gun like he is crying. Now im not going to dissect the OP, but it does hint at Avilio being more emotional than he currently is. I want to see him lose it a bit. There has to be a roadblock anyways. At this progression the season will only be 6 episodes long.


In typical revenge based plotlines, one of the possible endings is that the ‘dead’ person is not really dead. How big of a plot twist would it be that right after Avilio kills Nero, Luce shows up, alive but injured. To add one more layer of pain, Luce wouldn’t remember his brother, Angelo. That would be an amazing plot twist.


Rating: A-