The next episodes closes the mutiny arc, but creates the only arc more unrealistic than 14 year olds sailing the sea without supervision.


The crew of the Harekaze makes a shocking discovery, one that on a boat with only pre-pubescent girls could mean the end of life itself; they’re out of toilet paper.


The ship was stocked prior to their departure, but only with the supplies necessary for the few days it would take to reach the first training checkpoint. They have been at sea for over a week now.


Stopping at checkpoints is out of the question as well, they are still suspected of being a mutinied ship. They would be captured by whichever military ran that port and face consequences.


So the next logical move is to hide the boat and take the skipper ashore, to buy toilet paper. The next issue? Money.


One student has 10000 Zimbabwe dollars, equalling 36 Canadian dollars or 2900 yen. It may have been enough to buy toilet paper, but chances are the port wouldn’t take Zimbabwe dollars. It was a nice try though. The crew pokes fun at Mi for carrying Euros.


So 4 girls head to the Ocean Mall, a nearby location. They wear civilian clothing to stay incognito. Misaki goes with them, leaving Shiro in charge.


Well, whoever was supposed to teach them how to be sneaky failed miserably. They were discovered by a crew of Blue Mermaids and captured. Just after they won a years supply of toilet paper too! Toilet paper must be a hot commodity on the open seas.


Back on the Harekaze, a mysterious mouse has been running around, and is caught by the on-board cat. Well this mouse bites Tama, the artillery crew member.


When the Blue  Mermaids return with the captain and other crew members, Tama loses it. She is usually quiet and reserved, but at the sight of the Blue Mermaids she runs on all fours to the nearest gun and fires.


She is restrained by Mi, who throws her into the ocean to cool down. The water seems to work and Tama is back to her normal self. While the crew doesn’t know it yet, the viewers know this is related to the strange mouse.


The Blue Mermaid ship is a supply ship, roaming the ocean and refilling other Blue Mermaid ships, with things like toilet paper.


The Blue Mermaids are understanding about being fired on. Shiros sister had sent that specific crew to find the Harekaze and figure out the Mutiny mess. After explaining their side, the crew is freed from any wrongdoing in attacking the Sarushima. Tama will face consequences when they dock back at the school though. All ships had been ordered back to the school but after being accused of mutiny, the Harekaze shut off communications so they could not be tracked.


The Harekaze was repaired, and asked if they knew the whereabouts of the Mushashi. Their beacon was cut off as well. This is thought to be caused by faulty wiring. The Musashi is the ship that Misakis best friend is on.


The Musashi is located by a boys maritime school, but fires on them. They repeatedly attack the ships despite having been told it was here to rescue them. The boys school ships, who have adults on them, decide to fire back, to disable the weapons on the Musashi.


When Misaki hears about the discovery and actions of the Musashi, she rushes to aide her friend. Shiro accuses her of abandoning her crew again, but Misaki ignores her. As she approaches the Musashi, Moka is seen pounding on a window. Its at that point Misakis Skipper crashes into rocks.


Furushou, the teacher onboard the Sarushima awakens, she is questioned about what happened with the Harekaze. She said she remembered ordering the attack on the Harekaze, but she doesn’t remember why. The connection has not been made between the mouse and the violent actions yet, but the medical crew member on the Harekaze, Minami knows something is wrong with that mouse.


Progression wise the show is on a new arc. The focus is now on the Musashi, and how to rescue those crew members. If Moka, the captain of the Musashi is banging for help while her vessel is firing on other ships, there is a high chance someone is infected by a space-mouse as well. This would also explain the Spee takeover.


As the story is progressing it looks as if the plot may turn more towards a politically fuelled story, similar to Terra Formars. Yes there are those in the line of action but the behind the scenes political aspect will determine who lives and who dies. I am assuming the political side will rise because there is a high chance that this mutant mouse is a result of a country or regions experimentation. And why do people create mind-controlling mice? In order to overthrow or distract the current higher ups.


Although the ships are CGI in this series, the lack of marks from high powered bullets is a misstep. When you put emphasis on the boats impact point but it leaves without a scratch, it looks odd and unfinished. The boat did rock in the water after impact. And we finally saw some males! So men do still exist after the Japan-Russia war. I hadn’t seen any the entire time.


So now we delve into the realm of experimentation and science. If Misaki survives the hit on the rocks I wonder if Shiro overthrows her and takes the captains seat, or if she forces her crew to chase the Musashi to rescue her friend. Right now  I could see either of them happening.


Rating: B