Mumei is opening up to Ikoma! Granted she’s trapped under a metric tonne of rock and Kabane are on their way to eat her, but in her less-than-stellar state she lets some information slide.


With the two of them trapped underground, Mumei is urging Ikoma to leave, stubborn about freeing herself. Ikoma calls bullshit on that and insists on helping her. She’s persistent in that she prove she isn’t weak, and reveals that she has never been bitten by a Kabane. But she’s a Kabaneri? So if she has never been bitten by a Kabane, how would she become infected with the virus?


Well in a small flashback we see that Mumeis family was attacked by Bushi because there was a Kabane in the village. They assume there’s are more Kabane in the village so they kill everyone. Mumei is spared because her mother, as she is shot, falls on top of Mumei to protect her.


Now the simple solution could that there was a Kabane in that room and being exposed to the blood for a prolonged amount of time could have infected her. But then how would it have been prevented from reaching her brain? Surely her mother wasn’t fat enough to put that much pressure on Mumeis neck. The amount of pressure Ikoma used was immense, leaving him gasping for breath, and he still has the device on his neck, probably for fashion though. 🙂


So how would a healthy orphaned child come to belong to a secret squad of Kabaneri? What theme is Japan well known for? Human experimentation. Mumei was picked up by an adult and experimented on. With her physical strength and knowledge of the area she was well trained. But she has a lack of human knowledge. Interacting with children, Tanabata, spelling her own name, bargaining at the supermarket, and other ‘normal’ human mannerism are lost on her. She was not raised to be human. She is not the only member of her squad either. She reveals that all of the members of her squad had turned into Kabane. When her Kabane heart begins to glow she panics that she will become a Kabane now.


But who would have the resources and ability to experiment on multiple humans without being caught? Ikoma studied Kabane body parts but he was alone and involved no  one else, much less create a squad.


The answer, Biba-sama, the son of the Shogun and leader of the Liberators. The Liberators are explained to be a group of specialized Bushi who go station by station and destroy the Kabane, returning the stations to the humans. Okay so this answer was given to us at the end of the 7th episode, but we only know his name. Mumei runs up to him excitedly upon seeing him, without fear. This is possibly the man who rescued her from starving under her mothers corpse, gave her strength, a family, and a new name. She revealed to Ikoma her real name is Hodsumi.


For anyone hoping for romance between Ikoma and Mumei, im sorry to dash your hopes now. Ikoma sees  Mumei as his lost sister, or her replacement. He is rather blunt with her, when it comes to what she’s missed, and with what he is thinking. He takes an interest in her perspectives and how she thinks. When he found out about her name he was quick to write it down so she would know what it meant; a gift of hope from her mother to be able to eat lots of rice. It was at that point Ikoma made a declaration that I believe is the start of the climax. He declares that he is going to bring back the rice paddy’s that were destroyed by the Kabane, and that he is going to turn Mumei back into a human.


At the Tanabata festival he declares his wish in front of everyone, who laugh at him for such a big and impossible wish. But soon everyone has large wishes, like Ayames wish to take back Argane Station.


Now anyone hoping for an AyamexKurusu ending, you may not be left out. Im pretty certain Kurusu has developed a crush on the ever developing Ayame. After taking back the master key from the old white men she has been more confident in her decisions. When they escape the abandoned station and reach a second, inhabited station they need food. The station is reluctant to give up food, but after Ayame demonstrates the power of Ikomas Jet Bullets, they hand over tons of food. Ikoma also shares his invention with a local weapons merchant. In todays society, no one would share that information freely. It seems it really takes an apocalyptic scenario for people to treat people like… people!


The art style remains the same as before, and the camera took some really interesting angles as they approached the inhabited station. ****. The camera made large swoops around the Koutetsujou. It also took the perspective of the very front of the train looking forwards, and of wheel level, with grass and plants ‘passing through’ the camera. It was very nice.


I am looking forwards to the possible explanation of Mumeis past and Bibss involvement. Now that the two are reunited I wonder if Mumei will leave Ikoma and the Koutetsujou to travel with Biba. If this happens, I believe Ikoma and Biba will have a conflict. Ikoma is a confrontational person and with Biba being the Shoguns son, he could take the challenge as an offence and punish him or take it as an amusing action and ask him to join the Kabaneri Squad. If that happens, and Mumei wishes to remain with Biba, I think Ikoma would leave in order to be close to the research materials and Mumei. Oooooh so exciting!!


Rating: A