So Rewrite continues to keep us in the dark about the supernatural elements it possesses.

There is nearly no mention of supernatural activity until the final moments of the third episode. The Ribbon Ghost that enters Koutaros bed is shown frequently, but we still have no explanation on who she is or what she is. She seems to be a physical being though. Koutaro gropes her in his sleep.

Koutaro is now part of the Occult Research Club, along with Senri Akane, school Witch and occult non-believer. She just likes the club room. So the club becomes the focal point for Koutaros harem. Kotori, Ohtori, Shizuru and Lucia are recruited, filling the roles of childhood friend, tsundere, ojou-sama and airhead.

Im not sure what happened between episode 1 and 2, but Koutaro is suddenly very interested in boobs. He’s essentially Issei from DxD. He may not be as proactive as Issei but he sure is motivated by them. In his talks with Senri, he promised to prove to her that supernatural phenomena is real. If he is successful, he gets to grope her.

So the harem builds, and there is a small monologue about how everyone in the room used to be alone, so why don’t they all hang out together, and be the Tutti Fruitti gang. Well, Yoshino is missing from the harem. We still don’t know what is up with Yoshino. He has full blown Chuunibyou, but we don’t know why or why he hates Koutaro. It may have to do with Koutaros ‘lack of a background’ that the newspaper club member mentioned back in episode 1.

Now to the actual supernatural elements. When Koutaro first speaks to Senri, she gives him shikigami, or regular cut-outs of people on paper. She doesn’t believe that they work, but during the night they actually deter the Ribbon Ghost girl. When Koutaro actually sees the Ribbon Ghost girl outside of his bedroom he gives chase to her, and witnesses her being chased by a large dog. He invokes ‘rewrite’ with no other explanation other than ‘his physical abilities have been written over’, like we know what that means.

Koutaro is attacked by a blonde man, claiming to be a Hunter. The large dog after the Ribbon Ghost girl appears magically, and attacks Koutaro. Koutaro recognizes the beast as a Monster. Whether he means that in a general term considering how scary it is, or if Monster is the classified name for supernaturally summoned beasts, we may never know at this rate.

Koutaro is rescued by 2 men, Esaka and Gennady who are Hunters. They take him to a Ramen booth. They assume Koutaro is a Hunter because he said that he was attacked by a Monster. When the men realize Koutaro is not a Hunter, they cover up their strange questions about slaying and whatnot by using a videogame cover.

Shizuru, a fellow Occult member shows up at the booth. Koutaro shows her the cut on his hand from the Monster, and the second she touches it, it disappears. So she is a magic user as well. She may be a Hunter due to the fact that she is a regular at the Ramen booth.

So my theory is that Rewrite is similar to Fate/Stay Night. Just like how Shirou knew about magic but not about magis, Koutaro seems to have some supernatural ability but does not know about Hunters. His past is still a large, frustrating mystery. The harem in the clubroom is very Haganai-esque. The two feel like separate plots entirely; with one side being the supernatural issues, and the other side being Koutaros struggle to make friends.

But with the information I have on hand I would infer that Koutaro is misinformed about the level of supernatural power in the world, either on purpose or by accident. He will end up being mixed up in the Hunters business and learn about Shizurus involvement. The girls in his harem will end up involved as well, all of them except Senri. I think, and I hope, that she remains oblivious and separate from the phenomena, thus Koutaro never gets to grope her.

Rating: B-