Hello all, Jill here. 
Its only been 3 weeks since I started this blog and the support has been overwhelming! 
As you know I strive for 3 consistent posts a day, and for the majority of the time that goal has been reached. I enjoy writing and reviewing and analyzing the episodes and sharing the content with you all. 
So with that, 
In September I will be returning to school. I wont be able to keep up the 3 a day schedule and keep the content up to a quality I am happy with. I will continue to strive for at least 2 posts a day but I may not reach that goal. It is all I can do alone at this point. 
So I have a question for my readers: If i was to give up one posting time, either 1 pm or 5pm, which would you prefer. I am keeping the 9am schedule for sure because I want you to wake up to a post. 
Also, I have been using the episode 1, 2-3, 4-5, ect system. Are you enjoying that system or would you rather the posts contain single episodes? 
Any and all feedback is appreciated. If i misspell a name, or if i have missed something please feel free to message me or comment on the post. 
I am very open to suggestions on titles you would like to see on my blog, either as episode by episode reviews or whole season reviews. 
I am on Twitter at @humbleotaku and on tumblr at HumbleOtaku as well!
Thank you all for reading again, and be sure to leave your opinions and suggestions below!