Classroom Crisis is about the super genius students living in 4th Tokyo on the colonized Mars planet. In this future, all planets have been terraformed. Through a zoom out, we see that the entire planet is not green or anything, but that there is a circle on the surface where the humans live. It is feasible to think that there are other countries on the planet but we don’t see them.

The students focused on are a specialized class known as A-TEC, in Kirishina Academy. The Academy is owned by the Kirishina Corporation. The A-TEC class produces, studies and builds space crafts and other technology. The current model they are working on is the SWNPR X2, and it is 2 weeks away from being built.

Sera Kaito is the teacher for A-TEC and engineer himself. He makes a habit of sleeping over at the school to work on the X2, but the principal of the academy doesn’t mind. Sera had apparently wanted to be a pilot at one point but lost his chance, so now he is happy being an engineer.

The class today is supposed to welcome a transfer student, but he has been kidnapped.

Coldwood is an asteroid that the Kirishina Corporation uses to mine. On Coldwood a group is holding Kiryu Nagisa, the younger brother of the President of KC, Kiryu Kazuhisa. Kazuhisa doesn’t seem to care, he refuses to pay the ransom. He is not on happy terms with his younger brother anyways.

When Sera catches wind about their transfer student has been kidnapped, without even knowing his name, they mount a rescue mission. Sera himself is going to pilot the X2 through an asteroid belt to Coldwood.

Nagisa himself has told the kidnappers that they wont get one cent from his brothers, and they strike a deal together.

Seras plan is hijacked by Iris, one of his students. In the middle of the briefing she disappears and hops into the X2. Sera tries to convince her to come back to the station but she refuses. She makes a dig about how she is a real pilot.

Throughout the journey the X2 is damaged quite a bit, and the landing gear fails. The only way to land would be to crash it, so she does. Yuna, the class rep is counting how much all of this would cost, between damaged fuel tank, boosters, and total destruction of the actual device. It came just short of 15 billion yen, or as Nagisa himself put, many times over what the ransom was. He criticizes them for not abandoning him and reveals his purpose for joining this class. He is going to see that A-TEC closes within the year.

Now the X2 animation was not CGI, it looked sort of old fashioned which was cool. The asteroids had a nice texture. The impact motions could have been better but the sound and metal-on metal sparks were more of a draw.

The backgrounds shown were blurry depending on how far they were from the character in focus. In the classroom the walls were clear but outside the backdrops were more blurred. Characters in the background moved similar to the focused character though.

I don’t remember any plots similar to this, which feels weird. I mean, they are technically invaded by an enemy who is threatening their program but they are so nice about it.

How the class will react, I think some will be aggressive and angry at Nagisa, but some of the quieter characters would probably try to get him to see why the program is so great. The closure of A-TEC may also be a personal vendetta, it aims to raise scientific minds and strong engineers, so why would a major galactic corporation be threatened by money when they literally have planets upon planets of people and resources.

Rating: B+