Mob Psycho 100 is an anime that is adapted from the webcomic Mob Psycho 100. The author is the same author of OnePunch Man, also adapted into an anime. Mob Psycho 100 is considered one of the most anticipated animes of the season.

While it is being debated as to whether OnePunch Man and Mob Psycho 100 take place in the same universe or time period, the information given in the first episode is that the Yokai and spirits have risen, and are more prevalent. This fuels the psychic and exorcism economy. Now you can hire a psychic to get rid of a ghost just like you an order a private detective to figure out if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

Mob, the main character, also know as Kageyama Shigeo, is a middle school student. He attends Salt Middle School in Seasoning City. He sucks at schoolwork, sports, and is a generally toned down individual. He doesn’t jump to conclusions and is willing to hear people out if they ask. Oh and he’s an insanely powerful psychic. He is a student under Reigen, the self proclaimed ‘New Star of the Supernatural World’.

Sort of like in xxxHolic, the client approaches Reigen, and buys his services. Reigen, who is a complete and utter fraud with no psychic abilities at all, calls up Mob, and has him take care of the entity under the guise of ‘training’. Mob believes the stupid lies every time, it is utterly frustrating. In ‘payment’ Reigen gives Mob an hourly rate, but because Mob is able to defeat the monsters fairly quickly the payment has reached a high of $3.

Mobs parents are not very supportive of his psychic abilities, or at least his mother isn’t. She complains about his inability to control them sometimes, such as when he accidentally bends a spoon. Its unknown if she knows the extent of his abilities. She praises his brother Ritsu, who excels in classes. Its unknown if Ritsu possesses psychic abilities as well. He is able to unbend the spoon, but we see him rubbing it with a cloth similar to fake magicians.

The animation style of the episode closely resembled the original webcomic The author of the webcomic is not very artistically inclined. Call me mean but the quality of the webcomic is comedic compared to similar manga’s. OnePunch Man was remastered by a manga artist. But just because the illustrations are not top quality does not discredit the creator at all. Two of his series have become insanely popular.

While the character designs are either plain or really ugly, the animators maintained the character designs. Hanako, the first client, resembled a sleeping father after his daughter discovered makeup. Taro, her boyfriend, ugly as well. There is no shading or layering in the characters hair. Even Reigen, a main character, is severely under detailed. It looks the quality of a 2 minute anime short. When characters are feeling intense emotions, fear, sadness, anger, there is too much detail. Their faces are so filled with wrinkle lines or simple ‘intensity lines’ its hard to figure out what way the face is. The styles of animation vary from scene to scene as well. Some are close to the Kill La Kill type and others look a lot like Calliou.

During action scenes the camera angles were phenomenal. Similar tactics were used in One Punch Man as well, but the large swooping motions added so much to the intensity of the situation especially considering how apathetic Mob looks all of the time.

The episode was very enjoyable. The one confusing part about it is at the bottom of the screen there seemed to be a counter or a timeline. “Progress towards Mobs explosion: ##” Like what? Is Mobs explosion the scene at the beginning of the episode? If so, I am very much looking forwards to Mobs explosion.

Rating: A