In more recent episodes we learn more about Saiki in a way that shows how normal he actually is. Just because he is a psychic does not discredit the fact that he too has feelings and interests.

TV dramas are one of his interests, because while he can hear the thoughts inside the heads of those close to him, he cannot hear the thoughts through the TV.

He also feels like he has to rescue people frequently. He seems to live around a lot of incompetent people though.

Uryko Chouno, the illusionist he met on the street is one of those he has to rescue. This time he has made his tv debut on live television. He is going to try and escape the box he is chained in. Well it doesn’t seem to be going well. Chouno the Incompetent begins banging on the box walls as if something is wrong. Saiki decides to help, and teleports to the only place he knows will not be on camera, inside the box.

Well Chouno the Incompetent is actually Chouno the Fraud. He was never in the box! The banging sound is just a pre-recorded track. Now Saiki is trapped inside the box while the timer counts down to the boxes destruction. Saiki cannot teleport out just yet, it seems to be a once every 3 minutes type deal.

So withstanding 18 Swords, the box being set aflame, and dropped from 30 feet, Saiki crawls out of the box underground to escape, while Chouno the Fraud pops up on stage.

After the announcement, an actor from the TV drama Saiki is watching appears on stage to promote the upcoming episode. Saiki hears his thoughts and exposes who the killer is. Poor Saiki.

Another ‘friend’ Saiki helps is Kaidou, the Chuunibyou student.

After being scammed so heavily by another student, *** end up handing over his wallet and a number of precious items. Saiki, of course, hears the gremlin of a student gloating about his scam so Saiki proceeds to psychically mess him up, leaving an enemy seal on the wall. This of course only spurs the chuunibyou on, but he retains his valuables again.

While they may be a pain for Saiki to deal with, he at least likes them enough to help, right? Probably not. They’re a pain. We did learn more about Saikis powers. Although, a few episodes ago Saiki mentioned that his X-ray vision saw through everything, including skin so everyone looked like they were made of muscle tissue, then why couldn’t he see through the box and know Chouno was not in there? Does the TV impede that ability as well?

Rating: B+

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