The lore and background of the Qualidea Code setting is explained a smidge, but we are still left with questions. What is answered is what the creatures are officially called; Unknown. They appeared ‘before we could even remember’ which would put Ichiya and Canaria around 2-3 years old.


We still don’t know if it is only a Japan centered issue, or if other countries are also being attacked by the creatures as well.


When the Unknown first attacked, newspaper clippings showed death and destruction. Small children were evacuated to a cold sleep facility, the same one that they use today for the general population. With the small children safe while the Unknowns attacked, the result was the orpanation of thousands of children. There is no explanation on how the children went on without adults, or how the cities were rebuilt, or even an indication on how old Ichiya and Canaria are at this point.


The characters do not appear to belong to a military, but to different schools. Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa are probably schools with a military program, so they would be more like training academys or technical schools. Kasumi, Ichiya and Asanagi are the ‘heads of the school’. It is still so complicated, at this rate we wont figure out this layout before the final episode.


We do learn that the abilities are called Worlds. So ‘Saving World Gloria’ may not be an indication about the setting, but saving a person whose ability is called Gloria.


World ability users do not name their abilities, except for Ichiya. He has made a habit of naming others abilities for them. His own is called Free Gravity, while Kasumis is now named Vampire Bat. Kasumis ability seems to be one similar to Echolocation or super hearing. He is able to locate items underwater based on sound and cracks in stone walls by tapping on the walls.


The security tags on the back of Ichiyas and Canarias necks are not explained, nor do we see anyone else with them.


Kasumis relationship with Ichiya is one similar to best friends but enemys. The two constantly bicker, like constantly. Ichiya worrys about his rank while Kasumi comfortably slides down day by day. Kasumi makes fun of  Ichiya for being a condescending prick while he is mocked for being a lazy good for nothing. But when either one does something impressive or is in need of something, they are there for one another. If there was a yaoi version of their relationship, they would both be tsundere.


We do see a more human side of Ichiya come the third episode. There is talks of members being ‘moved inside’ or off of the front lines. These members are students who are not progressing well or working harder or are injured and should not be on the front lines. There is also talks about moving some of the front runner students back inside in order to preserve them and give them some down time.


Already this makes you think of Ichiya and how he will lose his mind if he is taken off of the front line. In one scene he appears to be going through a coloring book from when he was little. Each page was progressively darker until a double page spread was solid red, the next blank save for ‘I have to be stronger’.


When an Unknown appears in the ocean larger than any they have encountered before it is classified as a Leviathan Type. The Heads gather to try and figure out how to attack it. It resembles a large coral tower with a hard impenetrable shell. The plan ends up being a group effort the next morning. Ichiya doesn’t wait until the next morning though.


He takes off and attempts to destroy it on his own. When his absence is noticed, Canaria, Kasumi and the others are called to help him in the battle. Canaria and lower ranked students arrive first and Canaria begins singing as Ichiya charges in. Her Fortification is focused on Ichiya and she is pushing herself. The battle comes to a head just as Canaria pushes too hard and collapses, coughing blood. Ichiya is exposed and fired on by the Unknown. The alien rises even further from the ground and like an iceberg, the hidden area was 15 times as large as the exposed part. Ichiya charges in one more time while Canaria and the others escape.


Canaria pushing herself was not what I had thought would happen. I figured it would be Ichiya who would overexert himself. This could still take Ichiya out of the front lines. If Canaria is moved Inside, then either Ichiya is going to be moved as well, or he will demand to be near his sister. Despite his cold exterior he does appear to have a heart in there somewhere. He visits a student who was injured in the hospital, bringing a gift for him to take his parents. But he didn’t go out of his way or anything! He just had it laying around with no one to give it to.


Either way, with Canarias injury the setting will probably change. The Leviathan Unknown will probably be the climax or final enemy that Ichiya has to overcome towards the end of the series.


On a side note, we do not know what Ichiyas name for Canarias World is, and because her singing is her ability, there is a chance ‘Saving World Gloria’ could mean Canaria. Gloria is often related to singers or songs.


Rating: A-