Just when I thought the series was running on too long, the conflict FINALLY appears!


Its after summer break and Saiki has dealt with being forced to ugh, socialize. We are introduced to all of his ‘friends’, Nendou, Kaidou, Haiiro, and Teruhashi.


The class resumes but Nendou is behaving strangely, so Kaidou and Saiki tail him. This is an unusual behaviour for  Saiki, who did not complain once during their investigation.


They followed Nendou to  a flower shop and cake shop while Kaidous imagination ran wild in the worst possible way. Between glancing at young girls, and buying a cake not meant to be eaten, the conclusion was Nendou was a pervert after little girls.


The reality is that he was visiting the grave of his father, and the flowers and cake were offerings.


After describing his fathers death, Saiki sees a ghost sitting on the gravestone. Its Nendous father. The ghost disappears and the trio make their way home.


Saiki reveals that he doesn’t believe in ghosts, despite his own supernatural abilities. This seems to be a new ability of his, but he doesn’t want it. Annoyance at himself is a new side of Saiki as well.


Upon returning home he receives a letter, and this is the conflict. The letter claims that they know Saikis secret, that he’s a psychic!


Granted Saiki has not been the most discreet lately with his abilities, so he was eventually going to be caught. It is pretty safe to say that the writer had to be one of Saikis classmates, although from the students we know, none of them seem to be intelligent enough to figure it out.


Rating: A-

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