Well, Seigi has been recruited to the US Army, unofficially. He has agreed to work with Izzy and Tom so that he doesn’t accidentally kill himself with his Void Maker.


Void Maker is the only ‘triggerless’ tattoo. Similar to in Hamatora, the tattoos need a requirement to be activated. Toms Tattoo requires cigarettes, while Izzy’s requires Chalk. Seigis tattoo is known as the Triggerless tattoo but it requires blood to activate. In battle, blood is fairly easy to acquire, so it is practically triggerless.


While the Tattoos are considered an American weapon, the technology and tattoos themselves are ancient relics. There has been experiments performed on them, resulting in lesser quality tattoos such as Toms. Copy Tattoos are unable to root themselves in the hosts body, making them removable. However, the Copys are also less powerful and can only act as tattoo Cancelers, as in cancelling the effect of another’s tattoo.


Despite the research done on the tattoos, what makes them compatible with people is unknown. Seigi is shown a video of a test subject who had the triggerless tattoo applied; he was missing half of his body because he was not compatible.


Izzy and Tom offer to train Seigi so he does not lose control of Void Maker, and while Tom pressures Izzy to report Seigi to the American Army, she refuses. Her reasoning is that he would be carted off and used as a lab rat.


A friend later on also advises Izzy to stop withholding the information from the American Army.


The Kingdom, the opposing faction to America has recently had a change in leadership. The current King and Queen were murdered by their daughter, Princess Aryabhata. The news terrifies both Tom and Izzy,

Aryabhata is apparently evil incarnate. She walks through her fathers blood as his body is mauled by a panther, Id think she was the real daughter of King Androgoras of Pars!


Princess Aryabhata goals are to own every particle of air, every speck of dirt and every drop of water on this planet. She had her own Private Tattoo Force, named Brahman. The two members we meet are Behemoth and ltutumish as they attack Tom and Izzy simultaneously.


Iltutumishs ability appears to be one to borrow someone’s body or possess them. Her victim this time is Touka, Seigis childhood friend.


Her body is possessed and she fights and defeats Tom. Seigi who was with Tom beings to fight back, but he cannot adjust to the power his Tattoo affords him. His timing is thrown off by the additional power to his hits and jumps. His efforts get him stabbed. When he becomes enraged his tattoo heals his stab wound, and Void Maker begins to manifest in his palm.


Tom is able to use his Tattoo to remove Iltutumish from Toukas body who quickly retreats.


Touka is left with a tattoo on her forehead. Her forehead is where Iltutumish grabbed her to take over her body. The tattoo is the same as Iltutumishs. It isn’t removable, so it isn’t a copy like Toms. Im generally confused about her tattoo on whether or not it is real, and if she can utilize the powers, or if it is a return point that will make it easier for Iltutumish to borrow her body again.


Similar to the first episode one of the best aesthetic parts of Taboo Tattoo is the camera work. The camera zooms in and out of characters during fight scenes, changing the angles constantly. It makes the battle feel larger, and it affords the viewer a wider perspective.


Also, when Iltutumish was borrowing Toukas body, an internal scene of the two of them inside her body  used warped lenses to contort the landscape and give Touka a significant ‘freaking out’ look as she fights for her own body.


A hilarious little detail I noticed was that the Crows flying around did not sound like Crows. They sounded like Windex bottles.


The episodes were informative. We met the main antagonist, and her cronies. Touka is now a member of the Tattoo Party, and a training montage is in order.


Rating: B+