Episode 2 follows the manga, introducing Timothy as the new Innocence Host.


Phantom Thief G is a being who publically steals valuable objects. He looks like a fire cracker with legs. He taunts the police as he runs away, often using acrobatics in his escape. When  the police do capture him, the person inside the suit does not remember anything up to that point. There are multiple Phantom Thief Gs in a prison holding cell who claim the same thing.


This goes on for some time and is only brought to the attention of the Order after one of their own, Zhizhi and his Finder Squad, have been imprisoned after being possessed by Phantom Thief G.


This explanation is not in the anime. The anime only includes the scene of Kanda yelling at an unnamed captive for no apparent reason. There is no reason shown in the episode for the Order to become involved until after G is caught and his real identity is exposed.


This is not the only important piece of information missing from this episode.


After Marian Cross’ body is discovered and then lost, there is supposed a scene where Hevlaska examines Cross’ Innocence to detect if it has lost its host. When Hevlaska says ‘I can feel from Judgement, that Marian Cross is no longer the Host for this Innocence’ this is supposed to be a big deal but it is left out. What is included is Special Investigator Leville asking Allen Walker if he killed Cross, where in the manga he asks if the Fourteenth killed Cross. This change of target changes the whole meaning of the sentence.


Through Maries Innocence, Noel Organon, he is able to find out where Phantom Thief G’s real body is. Phantom Thief G is a small boy named Timothy who lives in Hearst Orphanage. Currently he has an orb on his forehead. The orb is thought to be Innocence. The Nun who runs the orphanage confirms he arrived with it already when his father was imprisoned for jewel thievery. She tells a horrible story about how Timothy was forced to swallow some of the loot in order to hide it from the police. In the flashback we saw, the Timothy then did not have the Orb on his forhead, so it is one possible theory that he was forced to swallow Innocence, that luckily he happened to be the host of. But before the orb can be examined, the Earls Akuma have attacked the Orphanage.


1 Level 4, 2 Level 3’s and 1 Level 2 invade the orphanage while 4 Skulls seal the space within the Orphanage. Kanda blames Timothy for the invasion, telling the young boy that they came for the Innocence.


Two things conflict Kandas statement. The Level 4 Akuma specifically called out Allen Walker as his target. In the manga, before the Akuma even attack, the sealing process is shown. While the Skulls seal the space they specifically name Allen Walker as the reason they created this sealing technique. This technique prevents Allen from creating a Gate using the Ark. The seal prevents anything without Akuma DNA from passing through it. I think that explanation is also pretty important considering the new characters who are about to be introduced.


Other scenes left out are personal moments between the head Nun  and Timothy, as well as casual moments between Timothy and Emilia, also an Orphanage Minder and daughter to the chief of Police. The most impactful scene missing, would be the doll-maker Akuma stomping the doll-ified Nun to bits in front of Timothy.


There were so many other scenes that could have been the ending scene that would have had impact and that would have allowed time for the missed scenes to be included. The missed scenes were not useless. The relationship between the Nun and Timothy created the need for Phantom Thief G, and without being shown that bond then her death means nothing and she is a stock character. The scenes shown between Timothy and the Chief of Police show why Phantom Thief Gs attitude towards the police is so mocking and condescending, he hates the Police Chief. He mocks him through the multiple Gs.  The scene explaining why the Order is helping local police with a common thief is needed because the Order clearly has better things to do, especially when the scene directly follows a scene where Allen Walker asks his comrades to kill him if the Fourteenth takes over.


I want to like this series, I do so much. I LOVE D.Gray-Man. I watched all 103 episodes in 1 week because I love the series. My favourite arc is the Alma arc. I have re-read that arc more times than I can count. I was beyond ecstatic when I heard there was a new season. But I am not happy with this. It feels like a slap in the face. Its like watching a book be destroyed by directors and writers in a movie. It does not do Allen, Leenalee, Kamui, Kanda, or Lavi justice. Seeing some of the high quality animes this season alone, I don’t understand what went wrong.


Either way, I will always love the series, animated faithfully or not.


Rating: C-