So now we know who the elusive Tsubaki is. And he’s psychotic.

Mahiru and Kuro come face to face with both an enemy and an ally today. Tsubaki introduces himself as Tsubaki, the Eighth Servamp of Melancholy, nicknamed Who is Coming. He is the youngest of the Servamps yet none of the Servamps remember him or have any clue as to who he is. We do not know who his Eve is. What we do know is that he has a few screws loose, and it appears to stem from no one remembering him.

Tsubaki and his subclass vampires, a vampires servants, have gone around killing humans and other subclass vampires for a while now. This is because he aims to start a war between the Servamps because it would be ‘entertaining to watch’ The youngest siblings are always little instigators. The killing is him trying to get the attention of those who he wants it from the most, his own siblings. He mentions his Eve a couple times, posing rhetorical questions as if his Eve is there with him. Its more like he is confirming to himself the information his Eve gave him. Did his Eve plant this war idea in his head?

During Tsubakis rant we do see a montage of the other Servamps. One is named ‘the Mother’ but they always refer to the Servamps as ‘brothers’ Maybe that will be cleared when all of the Servamps meet up, if they all meet up.

During Tsubakis rant, Mahiru recognizes in Tsubaki the same feelings he himself felt when he was a child. For Mahiru, losing his parents pushed him into depression. He avoided hanging out with his friends who were friendly and clearly concerned about him. He went home alone and cried. His Uncle spoke to him about putting a name to the feelings, to understand the feelings so he could accept them and prevent them from keeping his friends at arms length. Tsubakis speech about how no one understood him brought Mahirus memories back and he had a new goal. He was going to accept Tsubaki and make him his Servamp. He would give Tsubaki a new name and make him drink his blood and form a contract.

Tsubaki found this hilarious and decided his best course of action was to attack.

And this is where we meet our first Servamp, besides Kuro. All of Love, the Servamp of Lust summons Mahiru and Kuro milliseconds before they are cut.

All of Loves name is Snow Lilly or Lilly for short. He is the Servamp of Misono Arisumi, a child of a rich home. Mahiru assumes that the pair will be friendly and help him in his fight against Tsubaki, but Lilly immediately turns on the two and demand that Mahiru obey Misono, thus controlling Kuro.

Not having any of this, Mahiru takes off. Kuro must be proud. But they easily become lost.

When Misono catches up to them his tone has changed. He explained why he needed Mahirus fealty. Tsubaki is targeting the subclass vampires of Lilly’s, and they are all children. Misono needs more power to protect them. Mahiru is too stubborn and action driven to be anyone’s slave so the two agree to be allies instead.

With that resolved, Mahiru spends time with Sakuya, his friend. Now his friend has green hair. You know what colored hair means in anime. Main character. But he isn’t a main character, so that means he is important to the story. Give us some credit!

Well Sakuya is attacked at the end of the episode, he’s going to be fine. The green hair of a protagonist will protect him.

The most interesting animation effects were when Tsubaki opened his world and trapped Kuro and Mahiru inside. There seemed to be rain, or something falling from the sky which blurred the entire screen. I mean you could still pick out what was happening, but it wasn’t sharp. It was an interesting effect, but it messed with my eyes a little, being blind as a bat. Tsubaki himself seemed to change based on what level of rant he was on. His pupils would shrink and his whole head would turn into a black mess. The sporadic mediums showed how crazy he actually was and believe me, he’s nuts. His posture and movements reminded me of Yuuko in xxxHolic. Mysterious, slightly nuts but majestic. His Yukata and Geta made him resemble Yuuko even more. He just has a whole Traditional Japanese look to him which I kinda like.

So in the next episode Mahiru should learn more about being an Eve from Mahiru, and we may meet more Servamps. Sakuya should play an interesting part as well.

Rating: A-