Flying Witch is a whimsical anime. From the art style to the character design the entire series feels calming. Makoto, the main character and witch is kind and pretty and directionally challenged. She is a bit airheaded, but not overly airheaded. Her lack of knowledge probably comes from living as a witch in Tohoku until recently.

Makoto is Kei and Chiinatsu second cousin. She is moving in with them because in traditional witch culture, once a person reaches the age 15, they are adults and have to move out. She wished to continue high school and her parents wanted her to be safe. So she has moved in with her family members that she hasn’t seen in 6 years. Chiinastu doesn’t remember her. Chiinatsu also isn’t aware Makoto is a witch at first. When she does find out she is freaked out for a moment but quickly gets over it when she gets to fly on a broom.

Kei is aware Makoto is a witch, and does not treat her differently. Nao, Keis friend panics when she discovers Makotos ‘secret’. When she learns that the information about a witches identity is usually kept within the family she fears the ramifications, even if there are none.

To apologize for putting her in a panic, Makoto finds Nao a gift, a wild Mandrake. She explains how beneficial and rare it is, but Nao doesn’t understand. The soulless face of the creature just freaks her out.

The art style is very relaxing. There are no sharp colors, like red. The colors themselves look a bit diluted. The characters are very smooth and soft. There is no unnatural hair colors or characters that stand out. Makoto looks very plain, but nice. She coos softly when experiencing snow for the first time, and confidently but quietly heads in the wrong direction.

The movements of the characters are smooth as well. Wind effects, such as rustling clothing and hair movement are smooth. Floating effects create a nice hair movement effects as well that fits well with the broomstick scene.

As for sound, the music was soft, but gained volume as Makoto rose in the air on her broomstick. The volume mimicked her height, rising as she did and cutting off when her feet touched ground.

Without really a climax I enjoyed the episode. It was very much an introductory episode. Keis reactions were the most interesting, mostly because he didn’t react. Chiinastu and Nao both displayed the right amount of shock and concern, but Kei was just so cool abut it. Makoto herself didn’t seem to be hiding the fact that she was a witch, testing brooms in public.

She explains that most witches live in Tohoku because of the rich natural resources, but we don’t know how widespread witches are. If this is going to follow other Witch/ School plotlines then it would probably be similar to Yamada and the 7 Witches, where she discovers at least 1 more witch at her school. With the low key feel of the episode, I don’t think it will include a lot of conflict. It may be a very ‘slice of life/daily life of’ focused anime.

We do not see Makoto use magic other than the flying broom stick, but I don’t think she would use dark or aggressive magic in a conflict, if she can use spells. For all we know Makoto is a type of witch who deals with nature only or performs magic with herbs, such as healing magic.

No conflict is introduced, unless Nao plans on freaking out and lashing at Makoto about the Mandrake; but I don’t see that happening. So for now it is a low key, soft and sweet series.

Rating: B+