Avilio and Nero are on the run, and Nero is the only one having fun. Avilio is his babysitter, and mother hen of the two, preplanning and protecting the two of them and their budget. It doesn’t help when Nero is rebelling and spending everything on women and booze.


We joint the two after a week of them being on the run, and Avilio is a slow driver. To Nero whose whole life seems to be a fast and loose type lifestyle, this is boring. He hijacks the gas pedal and floors it, splashing a hitchhiker with water.


This hitchhiker has a miserable time afterwards. He is spat on by another cart driver shortly afterwards. He is a Goliath; tall, burly and looks angry after being denied twice. You get the feeling that he’s going to try and get revenge on those who spurned him, his dog, and his fabulous Mexican poncho.


Well he is after Avilio and Nero, but not because they splashed him, but because he has been sent by the Orco family to kill Nero. He almost succeeds as well, having smashed Nero in the face with his size 10 fists multiple times. Nero escapes when he nails the big guy in the crotch and takes off.


Avilio hits the Goliath with their car, knocking him out and totalling the car. And finally, the Goliath is taken down by  a property owner and his gun in a bloody mess.


Now that the two have escaped, they have no money and no guns. Majority of their belongings were in the car Avilio totalled. They do have a lot of canned pineapple though.


On Avilios revenge, there is a development. We get to see the letter that was sent to Angelo that made him come back to Lawless. It reads ”


It was Vincent Vanetti, his son Nero and Vanno Clemente that killed your father, mother and little brother who now rest in peace in Lawless.

[If you] wish to seek revenge, I can lend a hand

[Don Vanetti?] is dying so we must act quickly.

A friend of your fathers, Jesta Lagusa.


This confirms what we found out last episode, but when Nero and Avilio were chatting around a campfire, Nero opened up about his first hit as a gangster, killing the Lagusas. He still has no idea that Avilio is Angelo, so he confesses to being there and to being the one who chased Angelo as he escaped. He admits one new piece of information, that there were 4 of them there, not 3.


So the letters wrong? Maybe, maybe not. My theory is that the writer of the letter is the 4th person who was there that night. That is how he knows about it. If he was not there and he acquired the information, he would have had all 4 names, so he must be the 4th person. We don’t know who wrote the letter, so by proxy we don’t know who the fourth person is yet. I don’t think we will find out about it from Nero either, because if Avilio presses the issue Nero may become suspicious as to why the stoic and quiet Avilio is interested in this one family. Avilio is too smart to ask Nero again.


The cars were still weirdly animated. Despite driving through dust and muddy water, there was not a speck of dust on the immaculate paint. I don’t know how well the old cars handled but from other animated examples, the cars should be noisy and bouncing without proper roads or shocks. The car was just too smooth and too well handled.


The realism of the episode took a hit when the Goliath joined the cast. The ridiculously strong beast was covered in Shounen-battle effects, from exaggerated wind lines when he threw a person, to the overly intense looks when he was angry. It was not realistic and it did not fit in with the rest of the shows style. Yes, the man looked terrifying, but in a serious setting like 91 Days has been excellently portraying, the absurdity of the mans depiction took away from the atmosphere they were trying to give him.


Overall, the episode added a deeper layer to Avilios revenge. A phone call home alerted Nero that Fango and the Orcos were stirring up trouble at home. A flashback to Vanno also opened up the topic of Neros relationship with his little brother Frate. The next episode may be focussed on the people still in Lawless, or it may be a sub plot we are only updated on through phone calls home and Neros memories.


Rating: B+