Okay so the big villain in Saikis world turns out to be none other than another nuisance fiend of Saikis.

Reitsa Toritsuka is a psychic and wants to become Saikis pupil. His abilities are restricted to seeing and speaking to ghosts or spirits. He told a story about not being able to tell the difference between the two when he was a young child. When his grandmother gave him the advice that he could not touch ghosts, he discovered that both his grandmother and grandfather where ghosts.

He doesn’t speak about his parents, but what kind of parent don’t notice their young child speaking to multiple ghosts?

Either way, Toritsuka developed a type of perverseness at that point, with hugs being the only way to verify someone was alive. During adolescence this is what manifested into his need for attention and lewd motives. He wants Saiki to teach him more abilities so he can be a better peeper.

Saiki of course refuses, and even tries to drive him away when he transfers to Saikis school. Toritsuka flaunts his powers at school, gaining the attention of all of the girls in the class, because he can see their guardian angels. He is most likely making up a majority of the ‘sightings of guardian angels. When the boys in the class ask to be told their guardian angel, Toritsuka all but shoves them off. His interest is only in women,

We do get to see a more human side of Saiki when he is raging in the bathroom at Toritsuka. The normally calm boy is panicking because Toritsuka is not only an imbecilie, but a self serving imbicile. He would blurt out Saikis secret without a second thought.

Saiki also introduced us to a new ability of his, psychometry, or the ability to read an objects past through touch. He reveals that he wears thin gloves everyday because his psychometry is activated by direct touch. When he touches Toritsuka he is able to see ghosts.

Saiki does not like ghosts, so seeing so many is bound to bring up an emotional response at some point.

While I was excited to see a rival, this characters is almost as good. He is an accidental antagonist. He just want Saiki to like him and teach him but he disobeys every single thing Saiki says about laying low. Toritsuka believes magic powers should be shared with everyone*ahem* all of the women. He would be the type to accidentally blurt out secrets, which Saiki is very fond of keeping. He will fall into the pool with Saikis other ‘pals’ and be a supporting character. This will not be the new Saitama/Genos.

Rating: B

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