Okay so this series is headed downhill. Episode 4 and 5 were pretty bland, opposite the first episode.

So there is a hint of Nishihara having a crush on Ryo, which would take away from the main idea of the series. We are made aware that Ryo isn’t gay, but that doesn’t mean he has to have a love interest. It is enjoyable if they are just friends, if it is not a symbiotic relationship. Besides, when you are a hard-core shipper, who has time for real relationships?

Shiratori, the blonde crossdressing character, gropes Nakamura’s bum for a moment after Nishihara explains what Seme and Uke are. She even explains to Nakamura what types of Seme or Uke he would be considered in the fandom.

Fun fact, in Gravitation, a series by Maki Murakami, there is also a character with long hair named Nakamura. He is best friends with Shuiichi, the main character. Both Nakamuras would be considered ‘switch’.

When a student questions her involvement with Ryo, Nishihara makes a vague explanation about protecting each others forbidden love. It sounds cheesy and totally like they are each others beards. The BL fans end up sneaking off and heading to a book store so Ryo can purchase BL books without seeming weird.

The 5th episode consists of new characters, who are childhood friends. Aside from Ryos first reaction, BL, the pair just complain about each other the entire time.

The animation seems to be slowly sliding as well. When not speaking, Ryo looks so stiff, it was surprising that he could still move when the time came. The fun backgrounds were still prominent, especially during the scenes with Shiratori an when other characters were disgusted by Ryo.

When characters were walking, they were just moving side to side like they were on popsicle sticks and someone was waving them in front of a camera.

The content started off great, but it seems to be winding down, significantly.

Rating: C